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Laundry in Asia Laundry is the act of washing linen and clothing. It is a vital measure in maintaining the humanity health and hygiene. It is done by emersion of clothing’s or linens in water that contains detergents or other chemicals to kill germs and remove dirt, squeezed to remove dirt, rinsed, dried, and ironed. The equipment required in modern washing include Clothes dryer, Drying cabinet Drying rack, Hamper and iron while the ones used during the older days were drying rack, sun-to dry clothes, and detergents. According to Yun, the new technology has improved the lifestyle of Chinese people and at the same time, it has corrupted the Chinese traditions.
I grew up in a small village, in Xiaolou town, Guangzhou province, in China known as Xijing. During that time, fabrics were placed in the running water along the water streams to diminish the unpleasant smells and dirty. I remember watching my mother washing clothes in Wei River, She used to begin by rubbing, twisting the dirty fabric, or slapping them against flat rocks. People also used pieces of wood in beating out the dirt. Afterwards, the fabric was rinsed, squeezed to drain water away and later spread on flat rocks to dry. We had to wait for the clothes to dry for about an hour then carry them home. Nowadays laundry has changed so much since the majority of families in suburb areas use washing machines, which are hand-operated in cleaning the fabrics. The machine moves round and round through the aid of the paddles, which cycles continuously. This repeated action swirls the clothing until it removes the dirt completely.
In those days, washing of clothes to drying was cumbersome since it was a whole day process. These days washing of clothes by electronic machines takes a short period. The clothes are cleaned in the washing machine, dried by the clothe dryer. During the old days, the sun energy was the only source that people relied on to dry their wet clothes. Drying of the clothes was unpredictable since not all days were sunny days especially during the rainy seasons. However, this has much changed since laundry drying nowadays is mechanized, with the aid of clothes dryers. Dryers have spun perforated tubs where they blow heated air rather than water, which in turn dries clothes.
A world without laundry is unpredictable since cleanliness is the first step in achieving good sanitation and maintaining health hygiene. Through laundry, people are able to prevent diseases like cholera and skin diseases caused by germs in dirty clothes.
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