Djenica chery

Djenica Chery Speech The unloved ones Over 400, 000, 000 abandoned children live on their own on the streets of hundreds of cities around the world. Can you believe that every 2 seconds a child become orphan. My questions to you are. How would you feel if you know that you’re parents abandoned you because they didn’t want you or simply because they could not afford to keep you? How would you feel to know that your parents trade you for just 5 bucks or for whatever it was? There are so many children on the world that never know their real parents. Abandoned a child is just as cruel as abortion; sometimes I just think it worse because you going to have that baby and just leave it on the side of the road or trade it for a bag of weeds, or simply leave it on someone’s door step. Most of those children grow up to be serial killers, thieves, gangster etc.. they never ask to be born; I simply hate to see the innocents one suffered, the innocents are always the ones paying for our mistakes; they never do us wrong, but yet we treat them as a piece of garbage; we put them in a little box and said “ bye, nice knowing you” and you don’t know if that child is going to survive or if someone nice going to pick it up or simply get eating by animals. That is the most cruel thing any human being can do. Think about it