Divine roles

Divine Roles Divine Roles Most cultures around the world have divinities in similar roles so that they could have something to believe in. They offer sacrifices to these divinities so that they could get blessings from them (Sawczak, 2009). Divinities like the gods of rain are usually called upon whenever a group of people in that region are in need of rain. This could be after a long spell of drought and the community may think that they are being punished for their past sins. The gods of fertility are usually called upon when the community is experiencing a dry spell of unproductivity, or women of a certain area are not able to conceive.
In conclusion, these are some of the reasons that most communities around the world still believe in divinities. More often than not, these regions that still believe in the divinities have symbols that represent them in their houses and their places of worship (Zorzoz, 2005). This is with the main purpose of reminding them that the gods are always watching them and are ever present.
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