Discussion topic 2

“ Worlds Best Communicator” Award Nominee Given an opportunity to nominate a person for the ” Worlds Best Communicator” award, I would nominate my pastor. Strongly, I feel that he exhibits the characteristics of an effective communicator, as his effectiveness in communication is portrayed through his listening skills and speech. The manner in which he communicates either during a sermon or when delivering a advice to a church member is perfect, making him the most appealing person to me.
There are however a number of reasons why he deserves the title according to me. The manner in which he listens to a person while talking to him is great. He pays attention, listening with keenness and with increased interest in the topic. Looking straight into his face, he exhibits the characteristics of a good listener, as his face is always to his communicating partner. By giving a person the opportunity to speak, he ensures that they talk in turns, making the communication process successful. Moreover, while talking to the audience, he maintains a steady eye contact, ensuring that all the people are paying attention. More interesting about him is his use of body language while communicating. Every action that indicates any emotional feeling, the pastor shows it out effectively, making his mode of communication understandable. Having mastered his reactions and gestures, his message is more understandable when compared to other speakers, as Leonard (78) points out that body language is part of communication, with increased influence on the understanding of a speaker’s message. He is always audible when talking to a person or the congregation, and avoids too much information that is likely to be a hindrance to the understanding of his message.
If there is one thing that I would borrow from the pastor is his use of body language. The manner in which he uses body language is captivating. The timing of his gestures and application of body language fascinates to me more, as it complements his speech efficiently.
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