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Internet Tools at Dirt Bikes Penny Levalley IT/ 205 Luke Konrath Axia College of University of Phoenix . Introduction Dirt Bike’s management is concerned about communication expenses and how much money is being spent on obtaining information on the subject of developments in the motorcycle industry and the global economy. In order for this organization to effectively communicate and obtain information efficiently, I will evaluate Dirt Bike’s problems and will provide recommended solutions on what type of Internet tools and technology would be beneficial to both the employees and the organization. An intranet system will be discussed. Two other Internet tools will be introduced to the organization that would be beneficial if utilized correctly. The benefits of wireless technology will be discussed and the impact it would have on the Dirt Bikes organization and how it benefits the company.

A comparison of costs between wireless and wired networks is also included for management’s review. It reveals the benefits of a wireless network. It will also show that installing a wireless network is much cheaper than the installation of a wired network.

I will compare the two for best way that the company can save money, as well, as it would profit the company. INTRODUCTION TO DIRT BIKES After evaluating the Dirt Bikes organization, I recommend the following solutions: Since the Dirt Bikes organization already provides Internet access to all employees who use desktop computers, it would be beneficial to create a private network by using the existing network infrastructure paired up with Internet connectivity standards and software developed for the World Wide Web (WWW). According to Laudon and Laudon (2009), Internet networking standards and Web technology used to create private networks are called intranets. An intranet is private and secure and is protected by a firewall which prevents unauthorized individuals from entering the network; also it protects the company.

Intranet software technology and that of the WWW is the same of helping protect the internet servers. ACCRURATE INFORMATION Having quick access to accurate information can be vital to sales and marketing department and the information of what or how the bikes are to put together. The sales and marketing department could benefit from using an intranet by being able to look up sales reports, product information, marketing analysis, and researching competitors are just one click away. The information that goes out to the plant makes it easier to store and then be able to process the work orders. The human resources department could benefit from having an intranet because they could eliminate using large amounts of paper. The human resources department could upload employee handbooks, benefits information, job listings and applications, newsletters, and new employee interactive training, as well as other information that would save paper costs. It is also good for the engineering department and it can make it easier to get the information of the job orders and to make sure that there are no mistakes. The manufacturing and production departments could benefit from using an intranet to help coordinate, maintain, and publish production schedules.

The intranet can manage inventory and parts. The company can extend its Intranet into an Extranet which can include customers and suppliers, and enables customers to place orders directly over the internet on the companies’ sight. HELPFUL TOOLS There are at least two other internet tools that would be helpful to the Dirt Bikes employees. One Internet tool recommendation would be to use a popular platform for voice transmission and corporate networking called Voice over IP (VOIP).

All employees that use a desktop computer would be able to make and receive voice calls using a microphone and speakers or a VOIP enabled telephone. A VOIP phone system can reduce communication costs by 20 to 30 percent (Laudon & Laudon, 2009). Providing just one infrastructure for telecommunications and computer services will result in lower long distance charges and eliminate monthly charges for private lines. The only fall back of this is that when they lose electricity and can lose any contact. Yes, it might be saving the company money, but it can cause them to lose important calls and sales would be hurting along with human resources and the accounting department. A second Internet tool recommendation would be to use a Virtual Private Network (VPN). A VPN is a secure and private network that has encryption capabilities. The benefits of having a VPN are that an organization would be able to e-mail each other without risking interception from outsiders to get the information.

This would be especially important if the organization has developed new products or trade secrets that needed to be e-mailed to another employee halfway across the world it is hidden from the public. There has been so many changes that businesses now have to think about global markets and logesestics with many companies spread across the world. It is good for distant companies and to accommodate and have password protection for the company employees, which is only designed for them. WIRELESS NETWORK I would recommend installing a wireless networking technology to provide Dirt Bikes employees with voice and data communication capabilities, along with wireless Internet access. I believe switching to networks based on Internet protocol and wireless technology will not only save staff time, but will also increase revenue for the organization. Yes, it would also save electricity.

There is a down fall with this system and that it has a tendency to get a weak signal and it slows down the information you are sending or downloading. In addition to voice communication, cell phones are now used to transmit information through e-mail, instant messaging and digital photos so they can send company information when it is needed immediately. The cell phones can also be used to search or research the WWW for information.

Bluetooth is another wireless networking standard. Wireless phones, computers, printers, and computer devices can use Bluetooth to communicate ith each other. Bluetooth also needs less power to operate, making it appropriate to use with battery powered items such as cell phones, PDA’s or handheld computers. WIRELESS vs. WIRED NETWORKS According to ISA (2009), “ On a point per point comparison of wired vs. wireless, an 80% savings is realized” (para. 1). Figure 1 illustrates the large difference in costs.

The benefits of working in a Wireless network are that one has the ability to work on the computer anywhere in the organizations building. The downside of a wireless network is that a wireless network is not as fast as wired network, which can be an issue if one is working with large files. Another con of a wireless network is that because of signal problems and inconsistencies in bandwidth, wireless networks are not as reliable as wired networks.

Wired networks usually only drop a connection if a cable or wire is loose. It also can lose connection if the server is having problems with their sight. Figure 1 Installation cost comparison between Wireless and Wired Network in an organization. CONCLUSIONIn closing, I have recommended several solutions that would benefit the Dirt Bikes organization. An intranet system would be beneficial to the sales and marketing, human resources, and manufacturing and production departments and payroll. Two other Internet tools were introduced to the organization that would be beneficial if utilized. They would be the VOIP and the VPN. Both of these tools would be very cost effective.

The benefits of wireless technology were discussed and the impact it would have on the Dirt Bikes organization could be a compliment or it could be a problem with losing important information. A comparison of costs between wireless and wired networks was also included for management’s review. It revealed the benefits of a wireless network. It also showed that installing a wireless network is much cheaper than the installation of a wired network but it if they were to use their phone to use as there service this could make the company lose money. This wireless could save the Dirt Bikes organization a great deal of money.

The only other problem with this would be that with wireless any one can get into their records so much easier, also, you can be right in the middle of down loading information you can lose reception. This would be the only hold back with going wireless, but I still like the fact that it is a good idea and I still would recommend to go wireless. The wireless is great for traveling. References ISA. (2009).

Power plant wireless economics 101. Retrieved August 17, 2009, from http://www. isa. org/InTechTemplate. cfm? Section= Article_Index1&template=/ContentManagement/ContentDisplay.

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