Difficulties with the language in america

I arrived in the great country of America and the difficulties began immediately. I found that I could not communicate well because of language and cultural differences. For example, a month after I arrived in America I went to my friend’s party. My friend speaks my language and he speaks English too. I saw all the people talking about something I could not understand and it frustrated and concern me because I have been in the languages environment for one month and I still could not understand what they were talking about. I realized that learning a language would take hard work and dedication and that it would not be fast. I decided to begin studying English more seriously.
I completed my English courses, and I took the IELTS test for the first time and I didn’t succeed. I worked some more on my understanding and on the second attempt I got the score that your university accepts. I worked hard to develop my language and I succeed. I applied to study at Mount Union University and am very glad I did. Life is difficult and not every person gets what he/she wishes, but we can do great things if we work hard and set high goals.