Descriptive statistics and probability distributions

So the data on a Saturday corresponds to the maximum number of people visiting the restaurant or in other words, the worst-case scenario. Hence it can be considered as a population.
The average selling price is $ 221. 30. The standard deviation of $ 47. 10 indicates that they are widely dispersed. The median value is an indication of the central value of the data and is close to the mean at $ 213. 60. As the standard deviation is a significant value, it can be inferred that the selling price is widely dispersed.
The average size of the houses is 2, 224 square feet. The standard deviation of 248 sq. ft. indicates that the distribution of size is fairly the same across the data. The median value is an indication of the central value of the data and is equivalent to the mean at 2, 200 square feet. As the standard deviation is smaller compared to that of the mean, it can be inferred that the size is almost equivalent across the data and is not widely dispersed.
36. Dr. Stallter has been teaching basic statistics for many years. She knows that 80 percent of the students will complete the assigned problems. She has also determined that among those who do their assignments, 90 percent will pass the course. Among those students who do not do their homework, 60 percent will pass. Mike Fishbaugh took statistics last semester from Dr. Stallter and received a passing grade. What is the probability that he completed the assignments?
38. One-fourth of the residents of the Burning Ridge Estates leave their garage doors open when they are away from home. The local chief of police estimates that 5 percent of the garages with open doors will have something stolen, but only 1 percent of those closed will have something stolen. If a garage is robbed, what is the probability the doors were left open?
45. A Tamiami shearing machine is producing 10 percent defective pieces, which is abnormally high. The quality control engineer has been checking the output by almost continuous