Describing talent management knowledge

The final thing that I got out of this course was the need to constantly train employees to keep them up with the latest market trends. Employees need continual training so that their output remains strong.
The 10 Talent Management practices that I will employ in future work are: recruiting online, source work out, take advantage of social media, makes it easier for new employees to integrate into the workplace when they first arrive, establish clear goals across every department of the organization, correspond performance reviews with company objectives, provide on-the-job training, implement a system to track employees’ output, offer pay based on performance, and identify future leaders.
Of the above Talent Management practices, I would focus on two main ones: create uniform goals across the organization and to offer pay that is linked with performance. I believe that these two practices are the most vital in any organization because they get overlooked much of the time. Any organization needs to be on the same page, so company goals must be communicated to every employee. Also, employees perform better when their pay is linked to their work. The extra motivation will increase output and result in profit for the company.