Delivering a business strategy

Overview of Business Strategy: Thomas Nationwide Transport Organization (TNT). TNT Organization Business Strategy Overview Organizations need to develop good strategies to keep their business selling. Good management, building up well-recognized brands and offering good quality products are not enough to keep the business running (McGrath, 2013). The transport company is a volatile and uncertain business environment. To compete in such situations, an organization such as TNT needs to do things differently. A business plan should be holistic and clear.
Innovativeness forms the core value of a business strategy. In an attempt to sell its policies, an organization needs to be innovative on devising new but better ways of service delivery. Employment of staff in an organization plays a major role in the running of the activities. It also dictates the rate of success. TNT puts this fact into consideration by ensuring that they have the best staffs for their various working areas in order to ensure an insight on the service delivery to their customers.
TNT’s strategy is quite comprehensive in both ensuring good services and the outstanding difference of offering services. The stakeholder’s model of thinking is the core principle guiding the business plan of TNT. The strategy map depicts an environment of vetting to identify the legitimacy of the different categories of services. In so doing, the plan has been able to outline customer satisfaction as the end of the organization. Consequently, this earns the organization trust from the customers. A business strategy should aim to ensure improved continuity of the business. Customer satisfaction is one important factor that ensures royalty and consequent boosting of business.
TNT plan has gone to an extra extend to offer solutions that are beyond the expectations of the customer. It has devised techniques that enable its customers to keep track on their working. It has incorporated technology to achieve this objective. The employment of professionals by the organization also enables it to be a step ahead of the customers’ expectations that earns it market security.
Operational success stems on good services and products of an organization. The success of services in the market is highly dependent on innovativeness. This value ensures that there are constant but temporary competitive advantages in the market. This aspect reflects TNTs planning due to the flexibility of their plan. The organization can change its plan when necessary in order to counteract any emerging problem, which in business can be its proper running.
TNT income growth is from its services. An effective sale of services depends on campaigning of the same at a reasonable cost. That is the case for TNT organization. Every vehicle and aircraft in this organization has a strapline that advertises the quality of their services.
Moreover, the organization has its entire objective, though customer focused, projected towards income growth of the organization. As a result, the service offered to the customers ensures a continued market and consequently an income to the organization.
Other factors are such as sensitivity to business venture. The organization is quite keen on where and when to venture into a new market. There is an assurance of transparency in offering of services. Any possible dissatisfaction on the operation of the organization by the company counteracts this by tracking of the service delivery by the customer. The holistic nature of TNTs business plan has seen its growth from local to the global organization.
McGrath, R. G. (2013). The end of competitive advantage: How to keep your strategy moving as fast as your business. Boston, Massachusetts: Harvard Business Review Press.