Definition and description of home

My Definition and of a Home Different people have different definitions and s of what a home should be like. To some, home is where their family resides while to others, home refers to a place of sleep. Some people move away from a place and spend the rest of their lives longing to go back to that place because they consider the place to have been their only home. This was the same case for me when I was young. Currently, my definition of a home is that of a place where I can relax, feel comfortable and secure but definitely in a house setting. Home is a place I miss to go back to after the day’s work. When I was a child, my parents made me believe that home was in our family house. However, as I grew up, my understanding, definition, and description of a home changed with time. I realized I would visit some places and get the feeling of being at home while others made me feel homesick.
I was born in California, in a family house that still evokes a feeling of security, love, and comfort. My child’s bedroom might have looked ordinary for many people, but that was the most exciting place to be in, it was my home. I would look around it while leaving for school and wonder when I would be back. My bedroom was full of secrets ranging from pencil writings at one corner of the room to my ever hidden diary. The light blue painting made my room so lovely. I recall the days I would come home feeling tired, but the moment I got into my room, all the tiredness would go away to be replaced by a feeling of relaxation. I remember peeping through the window and calling out my best friend’s name since they lived next door. I still recall the beautiful yard around our house where I spent my weekends playing with my dog. I remember the tall trees with branches brushing against my bedroom window whenever it was windy.
The kitchen was another place I often remember of whenever I think of my childhood home. It was the place where my mother cooked the best meals. The living room was where we would gather as a family to talk and share the day’s happenings or watch a movie together. I always hoped I would live there forever, since I considered this the definition of an ideal home.
At some point I had to leave home, which was one of the most agonizing moments of my life. I thought I would never find another place to call home. This was true for some time, but I began feeling homesick and wished I would go back home. I tried to make the houses I lived in to feel homely, but they always remained to be houses lacking the security and comfort I had been used to in my childhood. I remember the cold and awful nights spent in new places. I would wake up in the morning longing to go back home and see my family and friends. However, I knew I had to change this since I was studying in a high school away from home. I remember calling my mother one time, and she asked me how my new home was, and I answered that I did not have a home.
In my life, I moved from place to place quite often, felt very comfortable at some places, and awkward in others. However, I have learned to make a house homely. I currently live in an apartment, which has been my home for the last four years. When I moved in, I had to have it painted light blue since I have always considered the color homely. Luckily, some of my friends live a few blocks away and I can meet them often. However, I believe that I need to get myself a house in which I can fully create a homely atmosphere. A place near a town with a backyard decorated with ornamental trees such as willows would be so great for me. A moderate floored house with large windows facing towards the south and back door with a large balcony and large windows on the first floor to enable me to enjoy the beautiful lawn even when inside the house. A pool is another amenity that will be in the backyard. My home should be a place where I can enjoy my privacy and be able to meet my friends often. Most of the features in my home will be similar to those of my childhood home with a few changes to make it lovelier.