Dedication & acknowledgements essay example


First and foremost I extend my dedication to my sole mate, my wife, my support Linda Joan. She is an outrageously loving and brilliant wife who led me through the valley of darkness with the light of support and hope.
I acknowledge friends, students, colleagues and librarians who advised assisted and supported me to undertake my research and writing effort over years. I want to give my appreciation and gratitude to Mr. Blendi Shima whose hospitality, friendship and wisdom have enlightened, supported and entertained me over years in school and our friendship. He has consistently assisted me keep perspective on important things in life and shown me ways of dealing with reality.
Last but not least to my in-laws who have to give me their blessing and believed in me that Challenges drive me.


Dr. Valon Murtezaj has been an excellent teacher and mentor throughout my graduate education. He understands the importance of hard work and dedication and what it brings to one’s life. I would want to thank Ms. Marilyn Baker, SMC Research Director for introducing me to my thesis topic. The thesis would be have been successful with her assistance as she improved my writing in class and gave commented during different conference sessions. Also, I would like to Mr. Binh Ngoc Vu and Ms. Quynh Hoang Hai, my Research Assistants who assisted me to develop into the current capacity. During the research, they provided their wisdom to undertake the study, and I have been looking up on them. I would like to give my appreciation towards SMC Professor, Dr. Albert Widman. Without his motivation and support in graduate school, my life could have been mundane. Dr. Widmanhas are been the ideas supervisor for my thesis. His sage advice, patient motivation and intuitive criticism assisted in writing of the thesis in a different way. Am thankful to him for his dedicated support because his effort was greatly needed and deeply appreciated. I appreciate the assistance of Mr. Blendi Shima, a fellow student for his friendship, support and patience that assisted me to complete my thesis and made school life easy. He has consistently assisted me keep perspective on important things in life and shown me ways of dealing with reality. I would like to thank my family for the support and encouragement throughout my life and through the process of pursuing my master’s degree. Their prayers and unconditional love have given me the chance to complete this thesis (Peng, 2010).


Peng, H. (2010). Chinese PhD thesis acknowledgements: A communities of practice perspective. Bern: Peter Lang.