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Death of the Sun According to National Geographic, “ As our sun gets older, it will become bigger and hotter, evaporating our oceans and melting the surface of our planet, before it finally dies” (“ Naked Science: Death of the Sun”). Therefore, if National Geographic were right, then there would be no escaping death even before the sun dies out. However, if this were not the case, then something can definitely be done.
There is nothing that can be done about the sun but with technology, one can do something. Considering that technology will have continued to improve until this time, it is therefore clear that the use of space shuttles and similar vehicles to transport humans to outside of Earth will have become mass produced. It is therefore sensible to conclude that there should be technology which is advanced enough to propel all human beings to a refugee planet in outer space. However, the only problems that might be encountered here would be the probable fight for who will be on those vehicles first, plus the money needed for it. Human greed might then become the reason for the probable failure of this evacuation plan.
Anyone anywhere should therefore cooperate with the government and the media on what to do, although this would be highly impossible because of panic. There is nothing much anyone can do at this time but to keep their ears glued to the news, to pack up all their essentials, and to say their prayers. They should then await any directive from the government. They should then await any directive from the government for a possible relocation to where they should be transported to space.
If the sun dies out, then the whole solar system should also die, and so only an exoplanet could be the answer. According to National Geographic, there is an exoplanet named Gliese 581g which is “ a rocky place with an atmosphere, temperate regions, and crucially, liquid water considered vital for life as we know it” (Roach). This is a proof that such an exoplanet is worth a try. We may not know what is in Gliese 581g, but we definitely know the death that awaits us on Earth.

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