David irvings life

David Irving has got to be a controversial figure because he is a holocaust denier. He is thick into many legal battles on account of his stand on holocaust. But if one is making serious efforts to undo the popular history through “ Real History Conferences,” such an effort should not be challenged with outright condemnation.
Irving has a friend in Richard Williamson, the Holocaust-denying bishop of the Society of Saint Pius X, and he has written to Irving to let him know the “ the objective truth about what happened in Auschwitz and other concentration camps.” In response, Irving provided a summary of his views on the killings of Jews during World War II, asserting that Auschwitz has been “ hyped” and that it had no gas chambers, but that mass killing of Jews did occur at other camps.”(www. adl. org) Now this is an important observation and I think, all those who are interested in researching the reality about the holocaust must welcome his investigative spirit. Irving takes serious exception to the actions of Allied Forces, in his book “ The Destruction of Dresden”, wherein many thousands of German civilians are killed. His question is, is this not holocaust? I agree with his viewpoint. He has also provided studied explanations about the weak leadership of Hitler as for the internal administration of Germany. His assertion that Hitter personally is not aware of the concentration camps operating in occupied German territory is worth detailed investigation and research by the historians.
As a firm believer in democracy, I extend my guarded support to David Irving that his views and findings need further research and profound study by the historians.