Current situation essay

My professional career has the most immediate need of strategic thinking. As any other individual, I have strengths and weaknesses that directly influence my effectiveness at work. I was not very effective in my previous workplace (Arab National Bank in K. S. A), and believe that this can be improved through strategic thinking.


My vision is to be very effective professionally and enjoy the vast benefits throughout my career, such as getting better companies, winning important clients, earning the respect of my bosses and colleagues, and climbing the corporate ladder.


My mission is to develop my career and be very effective at work, using my skills and abilities to achieve my goals and the organization’s goals. With strategic thinking, I believe I can be more effective and realize my mission and vision.


Successful realization of the missions and visions requires that I develop strong objectives. My objectives include identifying the right priorities, adopting the good attitude, and building the essential skills.

Driving Forces

My skills and good attitude are the driving force. With all the essential skills and good attitude, nothing can fail to be achieved, no matter how difficult or complex it appears.


Excelling in my professional career is only possible if the companies give me the opportunity to, and supports me where necessary.


My strength of character, determination, vast skills, and good attitude are my strengths. My weakness is that I was not very effective in my previous workplace due to poor time management. There are opportunities offered by various companies; however, stiff competition for the limited opportunities forms the threat.

Analysis of Strategic Issues

The most important thing at work is to know my duties, roles, and responsibilities. I have to know what my job wants me to achieve and how best I can set the appropriate priorities. Setting the right priorities would enable me identify what is important and what is not, and allocate the necessary resources in achieving the goals. Through job analysis, I shall be able to identify the true purpose of my job and uncover the most important objectives in order to prioritize the tasks effectively.
With good attitude, I shall be able to take initiatives whenever possible. This shall enable me execute the duties to the highest standards. With good attitude at work, I’m sure to set high standards for my work and behavior. This shall be admirable and shall earn me the respect of colleagues and bosses. With integrity and ethical decision-making, the future doors shall open and shall surely climb the corporate ladder. I shall aim at developing the essential skills required for every task.
Both management and communication skills are essential. With improved learning (career development), management skills, and interpersonal skills, success shall come my way. Good time management shall ensure that I use the time to my advantage. In order to take advantage of the opportunities, I would need to act very fast (speed), as described by Sun Tzu Strategic principles of speed.
Continuous learning is important in sharpening my skills. I shall focus on both the technical skills and the soft skills including creative thinking, problem solving skills, leadership skills, and emotional intelligence skills. Besides, I shall ensure that I’m up-to-date and has all the qualifications needed for the fields.

Strategic Alternatives

My strategy alternative is based on Sun Tzu Strategic principles of speed and character-based leadership, and Clausewitz principles of leadership traits of commander. Identifying an opportunity and acting very fast, would drive me higher.

Recommended Strategy

With good attitude, I shall be able to identify the correct course and act without being ordered or reminded. Good organization shall ensure that I’m not reckless, as described in Sun Tzu Strategic principle of character-based leadership.


With the intellect, courage, and strength of character (Clausewitz principles of leadership traits of commander), I am sure to achieve.