Current mission: to organize the worlds information and make it universally accessible case study sample


Google is one of the fastest growing and established companies in the world. The current situation in the company can be defined as follows.

Since the inception of the company in 1998, it has served thousands of individuals on the planet. The idea, therefore, is to make more benefit from its services.


Google. com (2013) indicates that the company operates along the following four objectives.
– Building awareness by making people know and recognize the leading brands.
– Driving sales by maximizing sales across channels and devices.
– Grow loyalty and retention. This is both for the employees and the clients. This would help in encouraging the business to grow and expand.
– Influence consideration. The company seeks to influence consumers to consider their products.

Current Strategies:

According to Google. com (2013), the strategy involves working on the global, cross-functional projects which form the basis of Google’s operations. The strategy, therefore, involves putting insight into the leaders such that they are innovative. They can be involved in decision making processes which can help the company to thrive in a competitive, fast-paced environment.

Current Policies:

Google inc. (2013) indicates that the company has policies aimed at making sure that all the people have access to its services. It has a code of conduct which guides officers, employees, and directors on the ethical regulations in the company. There are also the corporate governance guidelines. Other policies involve compliance with the rules and regulations in the corporate world. Such include the GAAP Principles, reporting standards, and other policies.

Corporate Governance:

On this aspect, Google has taken al the precautionary measures to make sure that there is no possibility of a lapse in its structure. Corporate governance aspect has it that the company’s interest is to attain and maintain its credibility with shareholders. The corporate governance is, therefore, subjected to continuous checks and balances. There are internal control systems aimed at making sure that the company’s image is maintained at the international level.
With these considerations in place, the company stands to gain much from its business strategies.


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