Culinary class – bocuse d’or usa

The chefs had to shop and make different recipes within a provided amount of time. In this case, it was impressive to see the chefs prepare three different meals under pressure and still maintain the time set.
The chefs portrayed a high level of professionalism. This is due to the fact that they work under constant supervision and there was no time they failed to prepare a successful meal. They not only cook with enthusiasm but also make sure that all their meals look impressive and scrumptious. In my opinion, the chefs are well trained and have a passion for their work. It was intriguing to see young people working hard to master the art of cooking and also be recognized for it. This inspires as a young person to be more aggressive towards what I love and want for myself in the future. Additionally, I was inspired to see that people are proud of their cultures and the different foods they eat. In conclusion, I did not have a chance to attend the competitions but I have heard of it before. I would be honored to attend one of these competitions in the future.
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