Critique assignment

End users can energize your workforce far better than your managers can” Table of content Introduction Body This is a critique about a research article that is called “ How Customers Can Rally Your Troops: End users can energize your workforce far better than your managers can”. The author of this research article is “ Adam M. Grant” and he is a management professor at the University of Pennsylvania Wharton School. This research article was published on “ June 2011 as a Harvard Business Review’.

Body The main points in this research article were about: Employees without a Cause The Art of Motivation Maintenance When you can’t find end users A Leader’s Guide to Outsourcing Inspiration Dig up feedback from past end users. Seek out new stories. Set up events and meetings where end users can share their experiences. Turn employees into end users. Find end users inside the organization Engage employees who currently do low impact work Spread the message. Recognize high-impact contributions.

Outsourcing Inspiration Based on the main points that were discussed in the research article I noticed that he author mainly focused on the end users and how can they be found in an organization as well as the outsourcing inspiration issue. The author’s credentials is shown in the article were it is written that he is a management professor at the University of Pennsylvania Wharton School as well as because the research article was published from a famous and credible business research department at the university of Harvard. The appropriateness of the vocabulary is good however sometimes the author uses words such as “ Dig up… But I think he should have used Find” instead to make it more professional. Furthermore, when he wanted to emphasize on a specific word, the author uses Italic. For instance, he wrote the types of mechanism such as “ The first is impact”. It was clear that he have read different articles that helped him in writing this research article. For example, he wrote and I quote “ Studies have shown that employees are highly motivated, satisfied, and detective when they work in Jobs that nave a positive impact on others”. To sum up, the author uses many statistics to verify his point, however sometimes he fails to specify his source.

Sometimes he wrote “ For example, researchers Rashes Seth and Carolyn Nicholson recently found that when product development teams had contact with customers, they were more likely to create offerings that exceeded projections for sales and …. “. The author handles opposing opinions very well where some times he said that the first study illustrated that And the second study demonstrated that. While the third study stated that . … ” And all of them would be in the same paragraph. The overall logic of the argument was good because the flow of the argument was clear and easily understood by readers.