Correlation between ice cream and personality

Desserts and Personality Could there be any relationship between a person’s personality and the type of icecream that he or she eats? This has been the focus of a research that was funded by a national ice cream producer. The results of the research can be considered as an enjoyable icebreaker. However, do the results stays at that role do the said data have sufficient relevance in terms of personality assessments?
Approximately, there are almost 200 countries that make up the 7 continents in this planet. Each nation has their distinct culinary trademark that has been passed on from one generation to another. Even if this is a known fact worldwide, there are certain foods that are known and being enjoyed regardless of the origin.
Ice cream is a known dessert worldwide that has been enjoyed by generations. This cold and sweet treat has been given flavors to satisfy every person’s palate. Dr. Alan Hirsch led a research that investigated the connection of a person’s personality with favorite ice cream flavor. First factor that was determined was the choices of ice cream flavor that were included in research of personality. Even a child knows that there are more than 10 ice cream flavors that are available in the market. There are also flavors that are unique in specific places. This variable in the research could make the whole study inconsistent with its aim to relate ice cream preference with a person’s personality (Simmons).
The complexity of ice cream flavors can be associated with a person’s personality. A person’s personality is as complex as choosing an ice cream flavor due to the number of choices that are present. Just like personality, ice cream flavors are being influenced by the demand of society and the availability of ingredients. Another thing that should be taken into consideration is the fact that there are no 2 people with the same personality. Even twins have their differences even if the 2 persons would prefer the same ice cream flavor.
With such limitations, how could one say that the ice cream flavor that was chosen by a person during the research would truly pertain to his or her personality when the flavor of choice was either a second option or even a third? A person’s personality is what makes him or her unique from others. Ice cream flavors are influenced by its environment just like personality. However, as complex as understanding the way a person act is just as complicated as choosing an ice cream flavor for dessert.
The research could have been more accurate if it included all ice cream flavors. However, this event would make the whole process complicated, thus decreasing validity. Researches that have been presented with regards to the relationship between food and personality would always be a good icebreaker especially when people are trying to get to know each other better. These can be guides but not definite bases to judge the personality of a certain person. Because even if it looks like an easy task to pick out an ice cream flavor, it cannot be considered as a method to decode the way human mind works and influences the body to act or respond.
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