Controversial business practices

Furthermore, these large corporations go about their business activities without aging Into account what consequences await In the long term should they continue to pursue these business practices. What do we consider to be a Controversial Business Practice? A Controversial Business Practice, according to our definition, Is any activity that a business commits that goes against legal statutes and goes unpunished, creates more harm than it does good, and generally disregards the welfare of theenvironmentand its inhabitants in favor of gaining profits through less-than- honorable methods.

Business in the Past and the Present: What Changed Along the Way Over the last cascades there has been a clear shift in business practices through the re-structuring of business organizations, mainly from a Customer-satisfaction Orientation to one of utility-Generation. Back In the day, from the sass’s onward, many businesses were much more concerned about making sure their customer base was satisfied, because satisfied customers were much more likely to repurchase from their favorite stores; there’s also the fact that ” small-town America” and other parts of the world relied on a person-to-person Interaction.

There was also considerably lesstechnologythan today and people were much less focused on outsourcing parts of the labor/ manufacturing chain. Today, businesses are much more concerned in making profits rather than improving their products, services, or directing their attention to the world outside of the business environment they operate In. Though people are ” more informed” about companies’ products and services, they themselves have lost a great portion of their power as consumers. Companies have found ways to reduce costs while at the same time removing the customer from the value-creation chain.

This has led the consumer to pay for many less-than-ideal products because of the monopoly-Like power that many companies have today: It seems as though many consumers, mainly the less well-educated and/or less affluent portion of the survive. Examples of Controversial Business Practices The Bimbo Group is the leading company in Mexico, and perhaps the world, dedicated to making a large and diverse selection of bread-based products and on- the-go pastry products.

For over a century Bimbo was in direct competition with the American-based brand of boxed bread, Wonder. During the sass’s Bimbo finally managed to break the deadlock and bought out the company. However, rather than absorb Wonder and make it part of the Bimbofamilyof products Wonder was left to operate as a ” shell company’. This was a strategic move on behalf of Bimbo because: 1 . Most Mexicans are unaware that Wonder is now owned by Bimbo, which is a monopoly. 2.

It’s easier for Bimbo to exert its overwhelming advantage over potential baking companies with ” two” brands: in case a price war were to start one of the brands manages to beat out the competition while leaving the other brand virtually untouched. THE NEO-CRIMEAN CRISIS One of the most alarming conflicts of today, the current socio-political tension in Crimea could lead to an all-out armed conflict between Europe, Russia, and the rest of the world. Crimea is a region located to the east of Ukraine that borders with Russia. It’s considered a key strategic location because it connects Russia with the Mediterranean countries.

Ukraine considers the Crimean peninsula to be under its sole rule and Jurisdiction, but the Crimean Constitution declares that the country itself is divided into two territories: the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, founded in 1992, whose capital is located in Simplifier, and the city of Speedboats which is ender direct control of the central Ukrainian government, as is Kiev. Most countries recognize Ukrainian sovereignty over the Crimean Peninsula. On March 17, 2014 Crimea was declared a free and independent state from Ukraine, annexing both the cities of Speedboats and Simplifier under its rule.

That same day, however, only Russia recognized it as an independent nation-state. The next day, the annexing of Crimea and Speedboats to the Russian Federation took place, restoring the once- divided state of the peninsula. Speedboats would be controlled by the Russian government, while the Republic of Crimea would become part of Russia. Today, entries the world over have a say on this matter: Europe has taken a lukewarm approach to the whole matter, while Russia embraces it and the United States boldly denies it.

Why isn’t anyone giving the Crimean citizens any freedom to do what they want? 1. Ukraine doesn’t want to Just lose an important part of their territory or their citizen base. 2. The United States refuses to let Russia become any more powerful than it already is. 3. Europe is hesitant to establish a firm position, due to the fact that Russia is their most important provider of natural gas and it would be counter- productive to go against their ” most generous supplier. Oral of Business: people with power aren’t willing to give it up for the betterment of society, lest the rest of society turns against one and the share of profits big companies and big governments receive become smaller than they were before. The Pervasive Influence: Business is EverywhereMoney, sadly, is the one thing that makes the world go ’round. Governments are a clear example that business is everywhere to be found, given that about 90% of political decisions are motivated by some kind of economic interest.

Social well-being is now a second priority for governments to the point that armed conflicts have actually become the ” next most-profitable activity’ for a country, like the United States. ” We’re Not Goanna Take It”: Voices and Images of Controversy It’s no surprise that Artists, Musicians, Entertainers, and Writers the world over are also in business to pursue fame, fortune, and communicate a message of not only great personal importance, but often to denounce the ” evils of society’ and as such are branded as immoral people who corrupt society’s youngest members.

What’s actually more accurate to say is that Art inflames the senses, it promotes creativity, and seeks to cake people more critical about the society they live in and how they can relate with others in the world. However, in the eyes of the more conservative members of society, there are at least two things that they don’t like to hear criticized: their sexuality and their beliefs, most often based on religion.

Several of the more important figures in the history of the world have been the target of criticism as well as praise for their endeavors to broaden peoples’ minds: BAD RELIGION: One of the best-selling American punk rock bands of the 20th century, founded since 1979. Known for its iconic logo, ” The Crossbreed”, the band’s lyrics mainly address socialresponsibility, religion, and the political climate within the United States. Greg Griffin, frontal of Bad Religion, is unlike other singers in that he is a naturalist, a college professor with a Ph. D. ND has written two books that explore the relations between naturalism and evolution at the same time he questions the role of God in modern society. Rather than encourage anarchy and atheism, Bad Religion goes about saying that you should ” place your faith in the people you care about and your fellow man, but don’t go about placing it blindly in lattice figures or other people on stage? hear out what they say, and use that,” and ” religion is most often used as a metaphor when there isn’t anything that allows an individual’s freedom to think or express themselves as they choose. TWISTED SISTER: Easily one of the most famous metal bands of the asses, known for their single ” We’re Not Goanna Take It” at the same time appearing on stage dressed in drag. In 1985 the political watchdog group known as ParentsMusicResource Center (MARC) singled out Twisted Sister’s songs ” for promotingviolence” as well as other artists’ songs the roof considered offensive due to the nature of their explicit lyrics.

Dee Snider, the band’s lead singer and frontal, testified along with John Denver and Frank Kappa that the MARC was infringing civil liberties and promotingcensorshipby adding to Rather than suppress the rebellious nature of the best-sounding bands the MARC since then has been attacked by other musicians as a testament to their actions while record sales continued to soar, proving that ” forbidden material is the one you want to experience the most. MARQUIS DE SHADE: The name of this author conjures p the image of total depravity and sadism, but at the same time the image of complete and total freedom, unrestrained by morality, religion and law. The Marquis spent most of his life in prison because of the impact that his written works and overall conduct caused in the general public: fantasies that explored the deepest forms of human violence, sexual perversions, criminality, and even blasphemy against the Catholic Church, while at the same time peppering these ” filthy works” with philosophical discourse.

He denied having written several works during his lifetime, while others he wrote under different pen names. Through it all, his works intention to sell even to this day. SETH MCFARLAND: One of American television’s most controversial entertainers in recent years, Seth McFarland is known as the creator of ” Family Guy’, ” American Dad! ” and ” Ted”.

Among the reasons as to why he causes outrage and reactions in the public not only stems from addressing the more sensitive topics in Americancultureas well as politics through the use of his own cartoon characters that have resulted in a number of lawsuits over supposed copyright infringement and unauthorized use of private musical property, but because of his outspoken views to support gay rights as well as the legalization of Arizona.

Also, in order to bypass some of the more controversial themes he addresses in his shows he releases those episodes in separate formats instead of including them in the DVD boxes that are actually included in some other countries, prompting the question as to how fair he conducts his business transactions. ” Tasks Ask for Threes”: Pressured into buying Added Special Content Some of the more Vulnerable’ members of society are the nerds, who prefer to devote their time to pursuing quests in distant parts of fictional universes or following the continuous adventures of their favorite superheroes in comic books or television programs.

In Japan, the term take has been used to describe obsessive fans not only of comics and animated television, but electronics, automobiles, cameras, and robotics. Among the most dedicated of action figure and comic book fans there is a custom they follow in order to ensure that the objects of their affectionate their value through time: they buy three copies of an item, and designate one of them for their own personal enjoyment, another to lend to friends, and the third one to keep in mint condition ND preserve its value over time.

It’s been estimated that in Japan alone the economic impact that the take have in the Japanese economy is as high as $18 billion dollars. However, this has also led to ‘perverse’ interests on behalf of major corporations to maximize their revenues by releasing ‘Special Editions’ of merchandise which usually have minimal impact on the actual playing experience and simply add a more aesthetic appeal to the collector’s experience.