Contrast between growing up as a single child

My brother and I always compare and want to the better than each other. Since I have experienced both growing as only child and with siblings, I have several perspectives similarities and differences between rising up in single childfamilyand having siblings. No matter we have siblings or not, are the first one we communicate with, so parents are their role model in theirchildhood. Parents are the one who can affect their children the most. It may determine theirpersonalityby different methods of parenting.

Growing up as only child and with siblings can have similar personality. For instance, I have a younger bother but my friend does not. Our parents have similar occupation and they are talkative people. When my friend and was developing our personality, we both have a out-going mind and easy to talk with people. Therefore, parents are the most important characteristic when we are growing up. Only children don’t grow up with interaction, so they learn to be children on their own. Children, who have brothers and sisters, are raised among heir siblings.

They tend to compare with their playmates. When they have conversation, play games together, or solve problems, they can share their different opinions In order to learn how to cooperate with people. By the time they are growing up, elder siblings always can help parents to take care younger siblings. Younger siblings also can learn from older siblings because children are easier to intimate what are other people doing. Only children would have less opportunity to get interaction and cooperation. Another difference is getting and sharing stuffs.

Growing up with brothers and sister has to share everything in the family, such as rooms, toys, etc. In the single child family, parents have only one kid to spendmoneyon and he or she does not have to share stuffs with anybody. Therefore, they can get more toys than the children who have siblings. Only children have all things that parents are given. For example, if there are two families from middle class and have enough money to afford one child to study aboard, the child, who does not have filings will get the chance to study overseas because only children family can spend all the money to one child.

However, the families, which have more than one child, need to balance what their kids needed. In this case, parents are most likely not a single child and with siblings are more than the similarities of those. They born have pros and cons. But, I feel grateful that I have a younger bother. He makes me to learn sharing and cooperating earlier than single children. I feel there always someone accompanies me.