Conflict management plan

Conflict Management Plan After an analysis of the situation, most strategies such as competing, compromising and avoiding would not solve the above situation objectively. As such, the suitable strategy to solve the above conflict is collaboration. James and David have all made accusations against each other with regard to their work. Accordingly, resolution of the conflict would require verification of the two sets of complaints. David’s manager and James’ superintendent should meet to resolve the above situation and provide guidance forward. The two senior members should meet and look into the accusations levelled. Firstly, they should begin with David’s accusations against James, which have stated that James is causing confusion in the production line, which is causing the earlier to miss quality checks. It is vital to solve this through collaboration that is a win-win strategy for all the parties (Dontigney, 2014). The problem in question that is quality checks requires an all-inclusive approach. If situation is resolved as per David’s accusation, James will be of the view that the solution favours one side. Similarly, if the manager and the superintendent dismiss David’s allegations, then he will miss more quality checks.
Based on the above, the two senior officers should check if there is anything, which James does which results in David missing quality checks. If there is, then James should desist from doing it, if there is not, then David missing quality checks was a culmination of his own inefficiency, which he had heaped upon James. Subsequently David should be reprimanded for levelling false allegations against a co-worker. The two senior officers, the manager and superintendent, should focus on forging cooperation between the two employees, which is vital for ensuring that the industry churns out products that meet set quality regulations (Dontigney, 2014). Cooperation between the two employees will result in an effective production process.
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