Conflict management plan assignment

Within these teams that are being developed there are always going to be instances of conflict that will arise. It is important to understand and know how to handle these conflicts and what the different conflict management strategies are. Every conflict management strategy will also have its own set of strengths and weaknesses and by Identifying them it will be easier to choose the correct one for the situation. There are different methods for building and forming a team and there are five that were looked at in the formation of this team.

The first method is a clear expectation of locals, a strength being that it offers much better efficiency at measuring objectives; however, it does not address communications and human relationships. There must be a deflect part delineation of each group associate since each Individual In the group must know the part he or she is supposed to perform in the group with regards to the parts of the other individuals and group associates. Each associate must understand where and how he or she fits into the group.

The other strategy is addressing the channels of communication. Strengths are that knowledge and bonding are developed that assists In developing associations but efficiency and accomplishment can suffer because much importance is given to associations. There must be a developed and open method of interaction between all the associates of the group Including the group leader. This will develop a working environment where associates of the group would know that each person Is there to listen and talk about their problems private and professional.

Without free and unfettered interaction, team creation would never result in efficient group. Another strategy used is conflict resolution with the advantage being that this helps to resolve issues and teaches the associates how to Improve on this skill for upcoming group Interactions. The downside is that if there are no issues or discord, valuable company resources might be wasted to teach this. Developing discord solution abilities between the associates would be the method of fixing it in actual work condition, and it would create a method for redressing Issues and attending to Issues.

Consequences strategy Is the fourth strategy being implemented and its strengths are innovativeness and creativeness among associates is developed. Associates are made responsible and more accountable for their acts of omissions and commissions. The weakness with his strategy Is that normal day-to-day activity might suffer resulting In short-term loss. This is being used so that each associate is made responsible and accountable for group achievement. And lastly the strategy of celebrating the achievements of the team is being used.

Strengths of this strategy are the powerful bonding and “ we feeling” that grows among the associates, hence making the group extremely effective. The alternate effect that could result Is that In the time of problems associates might cause severe damage because of this strong binding. This strategy is being implemented so that the group can enjoy and reflect on the accomplishments made. With any team formation there will be barriers that arise and these will need to be addressed.

Every person has its own ideals, approach and belief method ingrained I OFF his or her parents, family members, friends, instructors, and other important people. Because the history of associates differs, therefore there are variations in ideals, values and point of view. Even at work scenarios, associates arrive from various divisions, some are fresh workers too. This all makes one weak tradition. Now the problem before the leader is to combine the beliefs and values of each associate into en shared value of the whole group.

For this a strong tradition must be developed where all share the beliefs and objectives established by the group leader and it must be acceptable to all of them. Measures must be put in place to evaluate the team to ensure it is operating successfully. The perfect method can be established by accomplishment of the objective of the group being aligned with that of each individual associate and this might be best accomplished under the given condition by opening up all the methods of interactions in the start to thicken the tradition.

As each one comes from efferent background, the maximum preliminary communications would make them strong and would result in growth of bonding. The communication must not be Just official but, casual interaction is even more essential for the growth of ties between the associates of the group. The variations in point of view on maximum number of problems linked to the work performance, is probably the perfect indicator to demonstrate how good the associates gel together.

Variations are sure to occur however; even more significant is how nicely they fix their inner conflict problems, and to what degree of tension is between the associates because of conflict. During the creation of the teams a conflict arose between Joshua and James, a conflict that had to be resolved before moving forward. Several conflict strategies are available, all of which have their own strengths and weaknesses. The strength of competitive strategy is the short term outcome and the rise in output results.

This strategy fails in the long- run as it reduces the inter-personal connections. Another strategy is avoidance strategy which leads into instant optimistic outcome. It cools down the sentiments as well as temperament and therefore allows the individuals to look for more information. The weakness is that it doesn’t provide any solution by itself. It’s Just an ad-hoc step and has no long term solution. The compromise strategy allows people to consider others as well as develops sympathy. The negative impact is that it reduces the share and goal of every individual.

It results in a forced decision as well as it might not be long lasting because there is risk of the discord re- occurring. The benefit to collaboration strategy is it results in invention as well as co- creation. Long term associations are formed and it creates a win-win scenario, however, it is difficult to create this situation. Team building strategy creates long lasting associations and also creates a win-win scenario. Invention as well as creation that creates “ we feeling” among folks and sets an extremely optimistic mindset by building proper company tradition.

The weakness to this strategy is that it is difficult to develop team because of differences of view, objectives, and beliefs. After analyzing the situation between James and Joshua, the collaborative technique created among them direct interaction. It may be mediated by their administrator, who would get them to speak to each other and after that set an agenda for future plan of action. For long term, they should decide their plan of action, to ensure that their individual objectives are totally integrated with that of the company objective.

This may occur only after mitigating the existing misgivings initially with the administrator, and then cooperating in collaboration with each other to ensure that more understanding develops between Joshua and James. If this strategy does not work, the other technique is to place them in a group in which all the people in the group are needed for a common objective of the company. While delegating duties to the different people in the group, it must be ensured that Joshua and James work together on a Job under the administration of team leader.

The Job of the team leader would be to observe the progress with them and the other associates. There must be a complete cooperative environment among all the group members, where everyone would be sharing their lunch boxes, feelings, and use of lighter moments to cool down the tension of the work. The possible roadblock might be the desire to fix the discord since Joshua or James or both might be very sentimental to abandon their issues due to their personal thought of being victimized or hurt. In these scenarios, either or both of them would attempt to confirm the others wrong.