Conception to birth article review

The article by Deborah Kotz is shedding light on pregnancy in particular and healthy lifestyle as a whole. Deborah Kotz is providing a number of evidence, which prove that if a person is leading a healthy lifestyle, going in for sports, but at the same time is not ‘ overtraining’, the chances of getting pregnant become rather high. The article itself is very helpful for those couples, which have faced a problem of inability to get pregnant. According to the article there are a number of hints, which may help those couples raise their chances starting with changing themselves. First and foremost, a woman should start eating healthy food. Deborah Kotz is saying that very often the body itself decides what is actually better, as if a woman is overweight, she is much more prone to such problems as “ high blood pressure, diabetes, and an abnormally large baby” (Kotz, 2007). Also, when it comes to smoking, cigarettes are another factor, which may affect successful pregnancy. It has been proven that those women, who smoke over 14 cigarettes a day, enter menopause more often, than those who do not. And the last, but not the least, is sport – according to Deborah Kotz, each and every woman should go in for sport, however, when it comes to four or more hours per week have also slimmer chances to get pregnant.
Generally, the article itself is very interesting, however, from my point of view it is already covering the issues, which are well known to each and everyone. It is common knowledge, that if a person is leading a healthy lifestyle, h/ she is more likely to have less problems with health, let alone pregnancy. However, the hard point of the article is that Deborah Kotz is providing the reader with some vivid evidence, which result from a number of studies. To my mind, these result may undoubtedly help and push a person, who is still consuming fast food and does not go in for sports, think twice and change something in his/her life.