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Computer Skills Evaluation for New Trainees

In order to establish the purpose and behavioral objectives of the educational program, discussions with administrative staff project team members, and area supervisors took place. Subsequently, a framework for required skills and content for the program were identified. A computer skill evaluation was developed to establish guidelines for training, trainees to enhance organizational effectiveness and improve efficiencies on the job.

The evaluation will determine the level of computer knowledge a trainee has for placement in a low, medium, or advanced computer skill training class. A computer-based training evaluation will be loaded on computers centrally located in a training room at work. The program will consist of the identification of computer terms, types of software, hardware, and their applications.

The program will consist of interactive questions and the trainees will input answers. The interactive computer-based test will consist of 100 questions pertaining to computer skills necessary for workplace driven tasks. The skill demonstration shall be relevant to the objectives of the course. The skill evaluation will be updated as necessary to reflect changes in the curriculum and an appointed Training Director will approve any updates.

The level of proficiency of each trainee will be documented and a certificate showing the level of computer knowledge of the trainee will be issued. The trainee will be briefed that the test is used to measure computer skills and will not influence any future position in the company. A feedback form attached to the test will enable the trainee to input any comments or suggestions pertaining to the evaluation.

The Training Director will conduct an annual program quality control audit to address any deficiencies or modifications. If any should be found, the Training Director will document and implement changes to the computer test.

The overall objective of this evaluation is to determine the level of computer knowledge a trainee has and train them. The end result will be: Better time management skills, satisfied customers, high morale, good overall image, well-trained personnel, and survival as a unit. This process is especially important because of the constant introduction of new technology in today’s workplace.

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