Compliance techniques getting people to say yes ( shelley e. taylor, letitia anne peplau, and david o. sears

Getting Compliance Technique Convincing people to say “ Yes” is an aim to any seller. This is what is known as “ compliance” by the psychologists. (Taylor, Peplau and Sears) However, my first experience was not through a psychological book but under a tree when my father showed me something astonishing using a stick and some few red feathers. This was decades ago when playing.
One day, he gave me a long stick that has red feathers clumped with an adhesive tape at one end. “ Come I ostentation something to you” he claimed in his mischievous familiar, in his eyes. I realized then that it was going to be fun. A family of robins had nested in a nearby tree near his rest shed. We stealthily walked to just beneath the tree and dad informed me to raise the stick up to the nest.
A red male robin had stood guard nearby. Immediately he saw the red feathers; he attacked them, wildly chirping and flapping his wings in distress. I was flabbergasted. My father told me that the red feathers made the bird go berserk. I asked for reasons, but he told me he did have any though he though the bird thought that the feathers were from another robin. He noted that robins have territories and are prone to attack another robin on his territorial sight.
Since then, I have experienced experimental demonstrations that unadorned bunch of red feathers can be assaulted by a male robin will. However, I have ignored a detailed resemblance of an actual male robin that does not possess red feathers. I do not know if the other male robin will recognize it and react in the same way it does to the red feathered one.
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