A Community Instant messaging is a community because it is composed of groups of people who have similar interests. The interest is mostly online-based social interaction and involves the sending of information from one person to another. The group is held together by the interest of socializing and making new friends from all over the world. The people on instant message share the interest of making friends. They also share heightened desire for news updates, social entertainment, and socialization. The value of instant messaging comes in as a way to communicate online which is cheaper and carries volumes of information as compared to face-to-face communication.
A number of various factors tension the cohesion of the group. The greatest tension affecting the group is unethical use of instant messaging platforms. Some people use instant messaging to propagate hate speech, racial sentiments, and biased political ideas among other unethical uses. Another cause of tension of the cohesion in this community is that information that is sent on this community may not be appealing to all classes of people in this community.
I am a regular user of this instant messaging. In one of my instant messaging community, I fit by finding friends who I know. These friends are my classmates and my former classmates, my sisters and brothers, my parents and relatives, as well as friends who I hang out with during weekends, games, and window-shopping.
I want to be part of this community because I find it entertaining to socialize with my fellow friends. The community is also informative and thus of great value to its members. I get to know other friends who I may not have come across physically in this group too. It provides a great network of friends, information, and entertainment.