Communication climate

The paper ” Communication Climate” is a great example of an essay on journalism and communication.
Communication climate is an important aspect which determines the effectiveness of communication. We should analyse the climate first before starting any kind of communication with others. If the other people to whom we are trying to communicate are not willing to hear anything from us, it is better to stop such communication efforts. I have approached my superior once while I was working in an organization with a proposal to execute a project in a profitable manner. I worked hard to formulate the strategies for this project and when I approached my superior with this project, initially he was not ready to hear my suggestions and he behaved rudely. He asked me to leave his room as he was busy with some other things. Later he called me for discussions about the project and we successfully executed the project using my proposal and my superior has showered appreciation on me for my great ideas in executing that project.
From the above incident, I understood that even great ideas and efforts will not be considered or valued if we fail to communicate such things to the authority. Moreover, we should analyse the communication climate first in order to ensure the success of the ideas we are going to communicate. The lessons learned from the above incident have changed my whole concepts about communication. I understood that, in a changing world which is filled with stress and struggles, even great achievements may not be noticed or honoured properly if the achiever fails to communicate it.