Color-blind racism

COLOR BLIND RACISM The Concept of Color Blind Racism Colorblind racism is a concept where all persons are equally. A race of people is not a consideration in giving a service or providing an opportunity. There are proponents and opponents of color blind racism especially in America where the concept is more pronounced (Copeland, p. 68).
The colorblind racism has been said to manifest itself in various ways. These methods include argument by Americans that they give all people opportunity equal opportunity irrespective of the race. In addition, they also argue that race is a natural occurrence, and they, therefore, see no need for engaging in racial debates. However, despite these attractive arguments, there is evidence to show that black people are more afflicted with HIV/AIDS, and there is also high infant mortality rate among the black people. There is also proof that there Asians, Arabs, and Muslims have been racially profiled especially in the fight against terrorism. Colorblind racism has succeeded in uniting the white people together instead of addressing the problem of racism (Copeland, pp. 68-69).
Various ways have been on how the color blind racism can be addressed. A strong suggestion is the belief in one God among all persons of America. This is will make people also trust in all be one irrespective of their races. Malcolm X gives an example of the pilgrimage to Mecca where he saw all men actually worship one God and there we no distinction as to whether one is a white or a black Muslim. He, therefore, sees the panacea for the racism malady in America as spiritual in nature. He says that Americans ought to copy Muslims as he argues that among the Muslim community, there is no iota of racism (Haley and Malcolm, pp. 144-146).
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