Coach carter inspires his athletes essay sample

Coach Carter is true docu drama/sport film directed by Thomas Carter. It is based on a true story, of an new head coach of Richmond High school, Ken carter just doesn’t bring a basketball coach mentality but pushing the boundaries of the comfort zone of these athletes, that allows ken to change the culture of each individual on the game they enjoy.

The film promotes Coach Carter played as Samuel L. Jackson of bringing a more disciplined style of coaching which allowed his players exhibited to different ideals, beliefs and values. A quote from Coach Carter indicates “ you will have my respect until you abuse it” I think of being a coach you need that technique that can carry a strong close bondage between the coach and players relationships. Carter has strong beliefs faith in his students instead of coaching them to winning basketball games, he tries them how to win in life.

He opens their eyes to a future that they never thought they wanted. At the start of film Carter Coach carter enter the mode of respected by an individual sir by that scene of the film that where the leadership, discipline and dedication took place throughout the film to allow the athletes to become successful on and off the court. Carter had a positive influence on each of his fellow athletes and most importantly of all he encourages everyone to work on their full potential to succeed outside of basketball.

Carter required the players to sign a contract for expectation that came on being on the team these had players change attitude that could eventually change their way of live outside of basketball . The expectation of terms in contract concluded by maintaining 2. 3 grading average basically a (C+) or better which, attending all their to exception of sitting in front of the class plus wearing formal clothes with a tie in addiction of this allowed more independent especially for the seniors players on the team to graduate on high recommended grade for a college degree.

This allowed the Challenging the team to take great ownership for their work, and the understanding the strengths and weakness of followers where many few have accomplishes that lead their dreams to become unsuccessful. Coach Carter shows many fundamental style of leadership from a moral, transformational democratic leaderships which is very important in the role of coaching especially where these players come from a background of undisciplined house rules and the the dangerous impact on their on the streets that can cause death or downfall on the careers.

Richmond high only graduated 50% of their class and about 6% will have the opportunity to go into college, in the Struggles of the number of graduates Carter wanted to change the culture of school on better way of live and in his mind Carter wanted Education to be the number one opportunity and wanted them to know he wanted more for them in their personal school life than just focusing one their only goal playing basketball.

Coach Carter knows if his student are more disciplined in their school studies the dedication of the hard work can have an positive impact on themselves and most importantly each other that can carry on the basketball court. Carter knew at the start the negative behaviour was going to cause some unpleasant respect for one another, with on any team sport each individual needs to become more aware of each other to learn from one another you gain the knowledge of self-respect and self-confidence.

Throughout the film the ideas that Carter wanted was to this young players thinking of always be there for each being a team of one unit for the commitment of transforming into older men to allow them to look more into their future ahead of them. Coach Carter perceives a strong message that is more so much opportunity to do with your lives then being on the streets hustling or even worse being locked up or dead and in his power he knows that getting these boy’s being more self- disciplined it can bring a more exciting life for them.

“ As Michael jordan says talent win games but teamwork win championships” and i think that what Coach Carter is trying to get that if you stay on top of your game as a team is not not only win a championship but also on top in life especially having the respected nature of other it can really help out with your life. This really place a key role throughout the mid until the end of the film where everyone has a strong team spirit and educational level that resemble the true identity of the team.

The film brings a strong message with those under the lower class of people the setting of the film takes place in a rough area of town in Richmond, California, as know that opportunity of these kids in the school dont have the higher academic levels as other the result of this could be the families don’t have the great opportunity to provide the wealth or luxuries stuff as those that may experience these situation.

During the film Carter brought that sense of being that teacher or family member that these boys needed even during the bad times he wanted to bring more than just basketball but equality and determination to make an change on what they can achieving by signing an agreement so they can more in basketball player and human being, in the film Coach Carter demonstrated an excellent source of message that can become very effective on just his students but the entire High school. Coach’s in a way are looked like your 2 set of parents that give you tips on way to succeed and shows you right and wrong.