Class room teachers essay sample

Have classroom teachers become less important with the increase use of internet in education? In recent years, use of internet in education is increased rapidly. Many efforts have been established to help educators realize the benefits of technology and ways of implementing them in the classroom. Many different types of technology can be used to support and enhance learning. Many students are growing up in a digital age where they have constant exposure to a variety of media that is impacting on the way they interact and use information. In my point of view more students are using internet in education. There is wide material available on the internet for education which can be helpful for the student to study at home. Every material which can use for study like past papers, marking scheme, guide papers are available on the websites like xtreme papers, free exam papers and other websites on the internet. Students can better understand their concepts by using internet. Their skills are improving.

More than the teacher writing on the black board this system leaves behind a better impact on children of all age groups. The children enjoy learning like this as well as it is not boring like the lessons learned on black board. As all children like computers and latest technology, this way of teaching is study helpful. The use of internet in education has had a positive impact on the students. The Internet itself has unlocked a world of opportunity for students. Information and ideas that were previously out of reach are a click away. Students of all ages can connect, share, and learn on a global scale. Success at difficult technological tasks, as well as social networking such as Facebook can also lead to improved self-esteem. On the internet, test like kangaroo test and Math Olympiad which can help in study. Discussion and videos are available on YouTube and my space. There are many benefits of using technology in the education system, but there are also negative aspects.

Student may use social networking sites like facebook, twitter, BlogSpot during study hours which can be wastage of time. As the great development of database derived from technology, more and more scholar articles could be uploaded into electronic library through the internet. And as a result, tens of thousands academic articles and masterpiece can be shared by public, especially satisfying the need of the academic writers and college students. And at the same time, the impact of multimedia does not only stay in opening a new door for searching materials, but also it would encourage people to create much more writings. Because of the low efficiency with hand-writing before, universities’ students tend to avoid creating additional sorts of writings, such as letters, novels, diary and etc. In the end more students are using internet in education than classroom teachers as well as the rapid advancement of technology has left the educational system in its dust and the educators scrambling to find a way to catch up. Submitted by Muhammad Huzaifah Wakil