Circumstances surrounding osama bin laden’s death

Joe Jumper was a normal everyday person like most adults. He would get up from bed and get ready for the day by showering and eating. Then he would drive off to Walmart where he worked as a cash register. But something was different about Joe everyone noticed that he carried around a bag and when asked what was inside he would never tell. So that being people thought he was weird and he was kind of an outcast. Joe didn’t care what those people thought because in the end he probably ended up saving them.

What was in the bag was his suit of all black. His secret indentity was Night Rider. As Night Rider he patrolled the city at night of course or on his offdays. People really didn’t know who he was but were very thankful of him. So one night when he was out his head just started twitching and he could sense danger. So he looked around and for some reason it took him to the Vikings Stadium. He went inside and went to the Away team’s locker room. Well in there he found out the reason why he got the twitch. Aaron Rodgers.

Night Rider loved the Minnesota Vikings so to help them out he spit fire near Rodgers which made him jump back. Then Night Rider snoke in the shadows and got behind Rodgers. Then he tied him up, taped his mouth shut, and locked him in the janitor’s room. The game was about to start so he went and found a good seat in stands. He watched the game and saw the Vikings blow out the Packers mainly because they couldn’t find Rodgers. So the Packers went home and Joe thought he forgot something somewhere in the stadium. Well I guess it doesn’t matter I better get home before someone notices me.