Circumstances behind a low attendance essay examples

Dear Ms/ Mr.,
Through this letter, I would like to explain why my recent academic performance has not been up to the mark despite having a fairly good record in the past. I would also like to highlight why attaining a good GPA is crucial to my future academic growth and career prospects. I would like to appeal to you to consider my circumstances when grading my final paper.

As you are aware, I was severely ill for over 2 weeks during which I was incapable of attending classes. As a result, I was not able to focus on my studies as I would at any other time. I resumed attending classes as soon as possible although I was still unwell. However, I did not want to compromise my education and wished to make up for time lost. Towards this end, I even approached you for guidance after classes.

I intend to pursue a graduate degree soon, however, I need a reasonable GPA score in order to gain admission to any reputed institution. Although I worked tremendously hard towards the final paper, I cannot be certain of my score. If the paper is graded C or below, my overall grade would remain C and my chances of attaining a graduate degree will be greatly impacted. On the other, should the paper be grade B, my overall grade might increase.

I hope that you will consider the circumstances behind my low attendance and also gauge my worthiness of pursuing graduation. I end this letter in hopes that you would be kind enough to grant me extra credits, if required, to help me attain a brighter future.

I thank you for your time and consideration.