Chess game

Chess Improves Academic Performance al Affiliation In my opinion, the article en d “ Chess Improves Academic Performance” by Christine Palm is very categorical in highlighting the ways in which playing chess improves students’ academic performance. In my opinion, Christine Palm in several instances mentions several benefits of playing chess that I have also realized and experienced in real life. The author is very categorical in bringing up the point that playing chess helps students to understand different concepts in class. This is very true. For example, an experiment conducted in Marina, CA showed that after 20 days of playing chess, the students’ performance improved dramatically. This is very true. Palm has even managed to convince the readers further by the use of the findings from an experiment that proved positive. In my opinion, the author is right because my performance in classroom has also been improving considerably because I regularly play chess.
Christine Palm’s assertion that playing chess game improves the concentration of the students thereby making them score very high marks is very logical and right. For instance, the author asserts “ Similarly, a 5‑year study of 7th and 8th graders by Robert Ferguson of the Bradford, PA School District showed that test scores improved 173% for students regularly engaged in chess classes, compared with only 4. 56% for children participating in other forms of ” enrichment activities” (Palm, 1990). According to my opinion, this is a clear proof that playing chess improves the academic performance of students. In my opinion, Christine Palm has managed to maintain the logic behind this issue. This is true since I have also experienced lots of improvements in my academics because I have been repeatedly playing chess game. Playing chess has improved my socialization aspects. In addition, I have realized improvements in my academics. For instance, playing Chess has made me improve in subjects like mathematics. Moreover, I have also learnt how to reason logically and critically trough playing Chess. Playing chess has also made me develop good problem solving skills. I have also developed good analytical skills through playing Chess. As such, it seems to me that Chess game improves academic performance in the students as I have experienced that.
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