Chemistry in our lives

” Better living through better chemistry” Chemistry affects our lives in many different ways, everyday. The air you inhale everyday is an element called hydrogen. Chemistry affects us in good ways and bad ways. So, I decided to do it in both points of view. Without chemistry our lives wouldn’t be as easy it is right now but there is a other side to it. Without chemistry we wouldn’t havecommunication, transportation, medicine, andtechnology.

If it wasn’t for chemistry we would have to send messages with messengers like it was years ago, now we can even see each other without being physically there. Alot of people survive because of chemistry; for example when there is a tsunami alert or any natural disaster, the alert is being said by technology, if it wasn’t for this many people would die.

Our transportation is a big invention as well. We can travel many places in days when by car than traveling by horse with no heater or air condition, having suffer with the weather and it’ll take months to get to places rather than traveling by a vechicule. Our supplies are transported by trains, we don’t suffer from our neccessities, we don’t have to wait for them.

When there is an emergency, there’s an ambulance that’s created for emergencies with red, yellow, and light blue lights and also it makes a loud noise which lets other drivers to move out the way. If it wasn’t for chemistry, there would be a lot of people dying from diseases, posinous animal bites, toxic chemicals, etc. Babies are vaccinated to make their immune system strong enough to fight against many diseases and infections, trying to prevent tragedies.

Antibiotics are very important as well. Antibiotics have been the cure to many diseases, by killing or stopping the growth of bacteria. Before plants, fungi, and lichen were used to try heal infections. We have medicine at the reach of our hands. Have a headache? Take a pill. Can’t sleep? Take Night-quil. There always seem to be a solution to our aches.