Case study: online education experience

Onlineeducationcase studyshows us, that the use oftechnology in educationis been increasing day by day in the world. In this particular case, Erica Wagner, dean of Ivey University is concerned about the future of the traditional classroom institutions, as she believes that the online education might replace the standard campus universities. Online education has helped many educational organizations to cut down on the cost, as there is no need of physical buildings.

Ivey University is one of the prestigious universities and has a big community of students, faculty members, and alumni, local and global groups. Recently, they have invested good amount of resources supporting the development of new knowledge by hiring some of the brightest young faculty members and accomplished researchers. Some of this faculty member are Nobel Prize winner and have been globally recognized.

The main activities that Ivey University performed are research and education. They also offer various undergraduate degrees, master’s program, executive education, and professional education programs. Since Ivey University is well know globally with the School of Information Management and many other school, the university extended its program through opening new branches in Europe, Asia, and planning to enter South America.

Discussion Questions Answers

According to Peter Drucker, ” Thirty years from now the big University campuses will be relicts. Universities won’t survive. It is as large a change as when we first got the printed book.” (Piccoli ; Pigni, 2016, p. 507) I do believe that technology is going to change tremendously in future but I do not agree with the part that it will make the tradi I agree partially with Peter Drucker statement as he asserts his point and opinion toward how the Internet is going to change the world in future and that change, might be beyond our imagination.

I agree with the part of the future of Internet but I don’t think it will make traditional teaching style and universities absolute. At present, most higher level programs, such that non-degree educations for professional adults and part time workers who strive for higher education and specific skill development have shown increasing demands. However, you cannot challenge the fact that traditional method of education and networking opportunities is still prevalent.

The online education may pivot on the skill development, giving you flexibility on both course and timing, but it could not possibly provide the real world experience for us. Many people know that college student life is known as best period of your life. You get to meet new people from different backgrounds, make friends through out the year in your college, and be involve in many extra curriculum activities.

College is all about experiences in the real world. How you collaborate with each other. Not only that, you could not only learn from textbooks but from the people who are around you. Your classmates, friends, teacherassist you to sharpen your characteristics and yourpersonalitywhich is a plus for your future.

Online education may have gained more users because of flexibility, convenience, geography independence, but it will be almost impossible to replace the methods of traditional universities, as it cannot provide the real life experience for students.

Disruptive technologies are those that disrupt another industry with its function. In my opinion, Internet is a disruptive technology for the education industry as it has enormously affected and altered the way education industry is now compared to past. Before in order to get an education it was mandatory to go to a physical location and sit through the entire lecture but now with the help of Internet and technology, one can earn a degree studying from home.

Distance education is popular nowadays with the help of Internet. No matter how much global coverage and branches Ivey University starts up if they don’t work on their technique of delivering education and start to upgrade them with the level of technology available, they will be defeated by the technology enhancements in the education industry.

Alternative Analysis

Nowadays, most of the greater range jobs require college degrees. It is increasing day by day and it does not limit to bachelor’s degree. People are moving towards masters, PhD, doctorate degrees. Diplomas and certifications are becoming standard than exception. More and more people are enrolling themselves for higher education in order to get a greatcareer.

Many people are looking for online education because of its flexibility and specialized degree programs. In the same way, many on-campus students take an online course because of the flexibility it allows. I personally find online classes a little more intense than the on class courses. But higher-level classes are more about self-motivationand interest. But looking at the current trend, more and more people enroll in online education.


Online education is becoming popular day by day for students who have limited time for education and training. ” There are also open source contents like training videos, free books and research papers on the Internet offered by universities, organizations or individuals.” ((Piccoli & Pigni, 2016, p. 507) Online education is a revolutionary process andI believeit will undergo massive changes in the future years.

But there will always be a requirement for a physical building to some extent because when we study practical courses ofScience and technology, we need a lab area and an expert to supervise us to do experiments, testing and similar things which cannot be done at home or online.

For example, if we are studying biology and we have to do in the lab there is no way this can be done online, we have to go to physical lab for that. So it will be very difficult to say that it will replace the on-campus education entirely but yes to a major extent it will. On the other hand, online education is the best way for working professionals to work and study side by side increasing their skills and credibility in the industry. We can also say that online education will be disruptive for traditional education in the future.