Case study on early marriage

Early Marriage Case Study:

Early marriageis the marriage which is characterized with the involvement of children (under 18) into this process.

The most common form of early marriage is between a mature man and a girl, who is under 18. The problem of child marriage has always existed in the human society but years ago it at least had its own purpose and explanation. Till the 19th century early marriages were quite popular all over the world because of the length of the human life. People lived less than nowadays and had to start the grownup live earlier, as a result the majority of girls got married at the age of 16. One of the most widespread reasons of child marriage was poverty. The family was not able to support all its children and the best decision was the marriage.

Other parts of the world practised and still practise child marriages because it is a part of the tradition. Early marriage is supposed to be a negative practice, because the child’s psychological and physical health can be damaged. The child does not understand the purpose of the marriage and very often this process is involuntary. The child can suffer from stress, depression; as a result have problems with heart and other systems and organs. Numerous international organizations are against early marriages, because it leads to the child pregnancy and other problems.

Child marriage is the break of the human rights, because the young person is often forced to marry someone against her own will and such practice is not tolerated in the international community. Early marriage is a serious problem for the young person, because she loses her chance to live a normal life, work, receive education, etc. The forced child marriage is the issue which is worth discussion and the student has to prepare an informative and well-analyzed case study about the matter. Early marriage is the problem which can be observed on the definite example and the student should pay attention to the factors which cause the problem and then look through the consequences. Having analyzed the information one is able to do his best to solve the problem of early marriage well or simply share his point of view about the matter. A case study is the assignment which can be written with the help of the assistance of the Internet, so nearly every student is welcome to look through a free example case study on early marriage composed by the experienced writer.

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