Case study on chicago-blackhawks

Our case study revolves around the possibility of this franchise turnaround and corporate revival , which transformed it what deemed to be the worst during its low points in the 2004 to a team that would later clinch the Stanley Cup in 2010. So we already identified an achievement attained after the overhaul. We will the show this happened and exactly transpired. Rocky Wirtz the son of the deceased owner and the father took charge of the franchise just before the 2007-2008 season started. It was also only four weeks after the death of his father Mr. Willaim “ Bill” Wirtz. His younger brother Peter was the expected choice since he was then the franchise vice president.
During Rocky’s starting period as head of the Black Hawks, he did a review and came up with crucial rather critical questions or goals that would enable the whole franchise to rise to what it used to be and even better per say. We’ll deal with each issue raised and quest on finding what was done on each. Rocky and his team needed to find an avenue to increase the team’s revenue. He brought the issue of raising the tickets but the teams overall performance wouldn’t justify his action. Rocky ambitious strategy to curb this problem. He would identify possible corporate sponsorships for the time being and involve raising the ticket prices when the revived team would be on a winning streak.
Another issue that came in was the deteriorating relationship with his dad, Bill Wirtz had developed with the fans. He had somewhat sidelined them by completely alienating many of them. We shall link it up with Rocky’s worry of convincing future able partners of the team’s ability to provide a healthy marketing opportunity. He and McDonough had to come with an avenue to rebuild that. Branding and new Marketing strategies together with developing a customer oriented strategy, would see through. Aiming at sending a vivid message to the fans of the teams intent of winning the championship.
The inadequate personnel as compared to other sports teams in the respective departments such as finance and marketing needed to be taken care of. Rocky needed to come up with a way of pulling in talented personnel who could help the whole franchise rise. He based his resentments on the leadership fraternity. He had to come up with a new am management team that would come up with better creative ideas and clear goals to raise the team from the current predicament. In this he reinstated Bob Pulford, his farther’s right man, to a less hockey related role. This would help in differentiating the front office from the people the fans perceives to have led to the team’s downfall. The new management also involved the hiring of John McDonough as the team’s president. His appointment was due to his achievement in transforming the Chicago Cubs to become a popular baseball team.
The team dismal performance made it difficult to sign in new top talented players. This resulted in Rocky together with his staff to come up with an avenue to pull-in top players from the league. They had to build a culture or norm to be precise where the players would be rewarded for achieving their goals. The team would also provide a permanent culture based on performance-basis.