Personal Movie Analysis al Affiliation) Personal Analysis of the Movie “ Casablanca” This is a romantic drama that was directed by Michael Curtiz in 1942; the film is not an all time classic movie owing to a number of issues. To begin with it is a romantic story that does not present any essence of uniqueness: There are other movies that have depicted better aspects of romance than Casablanca for instance; the Titanic, which presents and mixture of tragedy and painful love.
Moreover, the movie is basically a based on the re-production of a play that was written by Joan Alison and Murray Burnett, titled “ Everybody Comes to Rick’s”. This entails that many people had read or watched this play earlier on hence rendering the movie with some lack of uniqueness towards its audience. The only uniqueness that has been presented by the movie is the fact that romantic films are usually accepted across generations hence making the movie acceptable to the current and past generation. However, the film received several positive reviews from different critiques such as Crowther Bosley, a renowned write of the New York Times.
In regard to various aspects of movie production such as plot, character, setting et cetera, there is nothing unique that had been utilized to produce this movie. It was majorly produced using already existing mechanisms and dimensions of production that had also been used to produce other movies.
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