Calyx & corolla case analysis

1. The strength of the Calyx & Corolla formula is that they enhance the delivering speed so that customers get fresher flowers. Also, it lowers the cost of delivery from growers to C & C, from wholesellers to retailers, and from retailers to customers. But there are also problems in the formula. For example, it is hard to control the quality of the products. C & C has to monitor the growers and Fed, and spend extramoneyto maintain the high quality of the products. . Calyx & Corolla has been successful because they make delivery more efficient, which is to deliver flowers directly from growers to customers so that the plants are fresher. Also, they accurately position themselves and send catalogues to people who are likely to buy flowers. It’s an efficient way to market without a large amount of cost. Third, they developed business partners to promote selling. 3.

The large growers like Sunbay Company also distribute and sell flowers themselves. They also buy flowers from other growers. Thus it is hard to control the quality of the flowers they provide. The large growers like Sunbay Company are both partners and competitors because they also sell flowers to customers. 4. They are growing the business by launching an advertising campaign. They will advertise on television emphasizing the longevity and freshness of the lowers.

They will insert mini-catalogs into newspaper supplements and magazines. 5. The company is customer-oriented. They directly link consumers with growers in order to reduce the time it took to deliver, thus ensure the freshness and longevity of the consumers. They will not let flowers frozen outside the door in the cold days if they fail to deliver it, because it this will not encourage consumers to buy flowers from them again.

They send catalogs regularly and change their banquets seasonally to meet consumers’ needs. All they have done is to keep the “ life-time” customers. They are not only selling flowers, they are selling good service as well. 6. It’s easy for customers to find what they want through the website, because the company has provided different ways of categorizing the bouquets. Customers can decide what kind of flowers they need according to different situations. It’s very customer-oriented.