California shoshone

California Shoshone are a Native American tribe that lived in central California, along the eastern border, at the base of the Sierra Nevadas. Their location dictated their lifestyle. Their houses were made in a cone shape using slabs of bark or brush. They also had sweathouses that they used to keep their skin clean. The main foods of the California Shoshone were pine nuts. They occasionally hunted buffalo, but relied more on salmon fishing, deer, and small game. as well as roots gathered by the women . Shoshone hunters used bows and arrows. Fishermen used spears, nets, and basket traps.

In war, Shoshone men fired their bows or fought with war clubs and buffalo-hide shields. Shoshone women were in charge of the home. Besides cooking and cleaning, a Shoshone woman built herfamily’s tepee and dragged the heavy posts with her whenever they moved. Shoshone men were hunters and warriors, responsible for feeding and defending their families. Only men became Shoshone chiefs, but both men and women took part in storytelling, artwork andmusic, and traditional medicine. People of the California Shoshone wore rabbit or deer skins when they were available. Shoshone women wore long deerskin dresses with wide sleeves.

Shoshone men wore breechcloths and leggings as well as buckskin shirts when the weather was cool. Men and women wore moccasins on their feet. Some other intrest of the Shoshone Indians were bead work, making baskets, and painting. The Shoshone tribe was ruled by a chief. Traditionally, Shoshone people only cut their hair when they were in mourning. Some Shoshones wore facial tatooes and painted their faces for special occasions.. I have learned that California Shoshone had houses, clothes, andfoodthat were available where they lived. They were very fun to learn about.