Bridging the gap: faith and diplomacy

Bridging the Gap: Faith and Diplomacy From the article written by Madeleine Albright en d “ Faith and Diplomacy” and published in The Review of Faith & International Affairs in 2006, the author proffered pertinent issues concerning the role that religion plays in foreign politics and governance. Albright contented that American diplomats should be able to recognize the contribution of religious beliefs, values, and traditions in igniting increased conflicts or in assisting towards immediate resolution. The author narrated three significant stories that proved how religion and faith influenced significant transformations in ways of life and in validating that this unifying force confirms universality of responsibility with one another. One story focused on Pope John Paul’s ability to spark “ a revolution of the spirit that liberated Poland, brought down the Berlin Wall, reunited Europe, and transformed the face of the world” (Albright 4). Bob Seiple, the first American ambassador-at-large for international religious freedom, shared the story about Mary’s remarkable survival to overcome hate and forgive a militiaman who shot her, paralyzed her and left her to die. The third story centered on the struggles of young children in a camp in Gulu who remained steadfast in faith amidst adversities from members of the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA). The crucial lessons imparted were summed, to wit: “(1) that there are people who are
willing to die—and kill—for their faith; and (2) that religion at its best teaches forgiveness and reconciliation, not only when those acts are relatively easy but also when they are almost unbelievably difficult” (Albright 5). In this regard, the essay hereby aims to explore the extent in which religion plays a crucial factor in influencing diplomatic policies and in determining how the current stance in separating religion and politics have affected resolving political conflicts
within the local and international sphere.
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