Breastfeeding article review sample

The article, “ Breastfeeding: A Clinical Imperative” presents several information about breastfeeding in the United States. It offers relevant statistics about the number of women who practice breastfeeding in the country. The benefits of breastfeeding to the mother, the infant and even the country are pointed out.
The message that the authors want to convey on breastfeeding is clear right from the introduction of the article. The authors present breastfeeding as a necessity rather than an option for mothers. To emphasize its importance, the authors illustrate breastfeeding as something which is imperative like controlling one’s blood pressure or giving vaccination to a child. The appeal of this article is its timeliness because breastfeeding is becoming more popular all around the globe.
The article presents pertinent data on breastfeeding statistics in the US. Moreover, it identifies the people who play a significant influence on the feeding decisions of the mothers namely, the infant’s father, the maternal grandmother, relatives, friends, prenatal class, physicians and nurses. This is relevant information because to increase the practice of breastfeeding, the proposal to educate people on the benefits of breastfeeding should be addressed to them.
The main focus of the article is the enumeration of the benefits derived from breastfeeding. The health and cost benefits were explicitly stated. One believes that the tips on successful breastfeeding will be very helpful to nursing mothers. The steps that need to be taken to intensify the practice of breastfeeding is appropriately addressed emphasizing the importance of education and the support needed from physicians, health care practitioners and hospitals.
One would definitely recommend the article for expecting parents because it clearly shows the value of breastfeeding both for the mother and the child. It is a very convincing article on the merits of breastfeeding. One thinks that the strength of this article is that it can easily be understood by its readers. Furthermore, it is not lengthy as to bore the audience. It is presented in a concise manner such that all vital information that needs to be known about breastfeeding is included, which makes it a good read for expectant mothers.

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