Brave new world – manufactured happiness

First of all, it is believed that one must suffer unhappiness to truly know and appreciate happiness. However, that concept is incompatible with a utopia, as the point of a utopia is to be without sadness, pain and suffering. In that respect, the World State is a utopia. Secondly, the concept of knowing unhappiness to know happiness is what we have in our society. Let me ask you: are you truly happy? Maybe you are, but what if I told you that that was not true happiness.

What if I told you everything you experienced and know about being happy was just an illusion? Could you comprehend such a thing? The citizens of the World State have lived their whole lives with Soma, promiscuous sex, feelies, and mini golf, that is all they know. To them, what they have is true happiness because they have never experienced anything else. They cannot even comprehend a greater happiness because all the necessary elements such as love, hate and accomplishment have been removed.

Happiness in the World State can be compared to Soma, as they get all the pleasures of the world without any side effects such as pain and sadness While they do not know the negatives of life to appreciate their happiness, they are still happy, to what they think is the highest degree. Thirdly, everyone in the World State is conditioned to have all the same wants. As a result of their conditioning, everyone is made to want all the same things, and in the World State, everyone gets what they want.

At conditioning, they were taught to love things such as Soma, (Was and will make me ill, I take a gram and only am) so in a way, the people were manufactured for the product. That proves to be more effective; as the people become dependent and view Soma as their center of existence and no one desires for anything more then their next dose. People are told that their point in life is to love Soma, and sex and flying, so they never think of doing anything else. The pleasures of the World State become absolute, the result is, as they would say in the World State, everyone is happy now.