Bourgeoisie class, karl marx assignment

Karl Marx and the Bourgeoisie Class Marx explains that the bourgeoisie class is dominant and in control of the proletariat class merely because they have “ the means of material production at [their] disposal [and have] control at the same time over the means of mental production…. Those who lack the means of mental production are subject to it” (SECT, p. 40).

The proletariat class is the one who lacks material production, as well as mental production; therefore, they are subject to the rule of the bourgeoisie since they are the ones who have control over both ethos of production and therefore they are not dependent upon another for sustenance. Currently the proletariat’s are operating independent of their will.

The relations Of production, ideas about the world and their place in it have already been determined by a superstructure put into place by the ruling class, the bourgeoisie. This superstructure determines the source of mental and material production, which also includes the way society should think and therefore act. Eventually according to Marx, the continued exploitation of the underclass will create great resentment and will lead the proletariat to start a revolution against the bourgeoisie and overthrow Capitalism.

We have learned that action is independent, while thought is dependent upon the already existing conditions of the superstructure. Thus, the only way this issue will be resolved is when the proletariat’s unite against the bourgeoisie, and “ rise to be the leading class of the nation… Constitute itself the nation… ” (SECT, 56). This will result in an end to capitalism and the start of socialism, a new classless society.