Bosom friend

About my bosom friend Jenia Frankly speaking, I chose Jenia, because she is my bosom friend. Moreover, we were studying at the same school, but to tell the truth, we know each other since we were preschoolers. But Jenia became my best friend only in the 10 th form. Jenia is a slim, pleasant – looking girl of about 17. Jenia is tall; she has a strong attractive body. Jenia is always elegant; her clothes are the latest fashion. Her features are very delicate she has sand shoulder – length hair and green eyes.

Her eyelashes are long and thick. Her face is oval and she has a straight nose. Jenia has got a puffy and well-cut lips and she always has a sunny smile. To cut a long story short, Jenia is very beautiful girl. But I think, inner beauty is more important than physical one. Jenia is very tactful, generous, kind-hearted, but she isn’t shy at all – she is a chatterbox and know – all. She is always ready to help her friends. She used to help me at the math lessons.

Math is her favorite subject, but I am, on the contrary, hate this subject. Jenia has in a habbit of helping her parents. Jenia is a person I associate with hobby. Hobby is what a person likes to do in his spare time. Hobbies differ like tastes. Jenia and I like handmade. We are interested in felting. Moreover, we have already done several funny animals, such as red cat, lion, rabbit, penguin , panda and etc. These toys we presented to our relatives and friends. I addition, Jenia goes in for sports and she is fond of tourism.

Unusual as for girl, but she was in hikes several times, exactly 11. They were different categories of difficulty, it depends of place and distance. I think, it’s exciting hobby, and next spring I’ m going to join her. Jenia always tries to do her best to help somebody when he or she has some problems. What I like in her is that she always keeps her word and never boats. There is a proverb: afriend in need is a friendindeed. And I could say, these words are about my friend as Jenia, because she is a true one.