Big daddy- marxist point of view assignment

When Sunny tells Julian to cross the street when they are trying to get to McDonald’s, Julian doesn’t cross the street because he needs Sunny to give him his hand. This is a clear example of a Marxist point of view because it portrays the poor people being Julian and Sunny being the wealthy people. In order for the poor people to get somewhere, they need the help of the wealthy people. The same way Sunny told Julian “ give me your hand” Is what the rich people tell the poor but the hand is represented by their rust. What they are trying to say is that In exchange, the higher class will “ try’ to get the poor people where they want.

In this case, Sunny helped Julian get to a cheap place, McDonald’s, meaning that they were able to take the poor to a “ common place” that they might not be able to afford In a dally basis and didn’t take much from the rich. They had to struggle for a while to make them fall for them, but at the end they had their trust and actually fooled them. In the movie, when Julian needs to urinate, he tells Sunny that he can’t “ do it by himself. He needed Sunny to urinate with him. Sunny tells him that he doesn’t need to Pee, but Julian tells him he would really needs to go, if not he would pee in his pants.

Again Julian represents the poor and Sunny is the rich one. But in this case the Marxist theme is developed as the poor are fooling around with the rich. The poor want the rich to do what they want. For example, urinating can be represented by getting a loan In the bank. If the manager doesn’t want to approve the loan, they tell them that they will take the little amount of money that they have In the account ND they would open an account In another bank. Obviously, It Is not for their good that they do this, and they actually give in. The same thing that Sunny did when Julian wanted to urinate.

When Julian was about to sleep we were able to see that he needed Sunny to tell him a story. With these events we can see how the Marxist point of view was expressed. This time Julian was represented by the rich people and the poor was represented by Sunny. This is because when Julian told Sunny to read the book, it was the way the government asks the people who aren’t economically stable and onto have enough money to pay taxes or pay bills that exceed certain amount. But they need to pay them no matter what because If not, they would actually face many problems and might even end up in Jail.

The same way that Julian told Sunny that he wasn’t going to be able to sleep unless he told him a story. At first Sunny doesn’t want to read the book because he thinks that the kid should just sleep because he Is really tired. But as he keeps telling him, he gives in at last and reads him the story. Wendell In teen people, teen poor at tells don’t want to pay teen Dills Decease teen can’t or insider other things more important to pay. But when they see it’s a light, gas, or water bill they know they need to pay it in order to have these utilities. They argue with the people in charge to come to an agreement, but they aren’t successful.

So they pay the amount due, while the rich don’t have to struggle to pay. As an alternative they want the poor to pay more so they get to pay less and instead buy expensive stuff at brand name stores. When Julian tells Sunny to turn on the light during the time he stayed at his house is another way to portray Marxism. The simple act that Julian is the poor people and Sunny the rich again can make us have an idea of what the light is. We can see an interpretation of the poor seeking the help of the rich to not be scared of events that happened.

The light represents the hope of the poor to settle some kind of argument that they have with the rich. When Sunny is in the room and is with the lights off, we can see that it represents all the dark, huge problems that they have with each other no matter what kind, financially or socially. But when Sunny brings the “ Live Nudes” neon light and turns it on, he turned on the pop in between both of them. So some of the problems they had were solved In a particular and exclusive way, the movie Big Daddy showed us in characterizing both Sunny and Julian as the common problem that many countries face, the one of Marxist.

In some parts Julian was interpret as the poor while in others the rich. In most parts of the movie Sunny was the powerful one that could manipulate the way things went on with Julian. Comparing it to what the rich do in their everyday life to those who are less fortunate than them. This movie demonstrates that in every amount they are facing this problem, Just the way Sultan’s real father is in China, we can infer that the problem that U. S. Aces of not being able to do things by themselves gives us a hint that U. S can’t do it all without the help of China. Overall, we saw the example of how poor are being fooled by the rich, and the rich fooled by the poor. It doesn’t necessarily have to mean they are fighting over the financial things, but also over things that happen in our every day life. But a point to consider is no matter what goes on the Marxist view on things would always favor the rich in most things that they do.