Bell jar by sylvia plath

The paper ” Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath” is an excellent example of a literature book review. I recently read the Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath. The novel traces the tumultuous life of Esther Greenwood as she attempts to make it through college. Esther is from Massachusetts, and when the novel begins she is interning in New York as a guest editor for a magazine. While she has two friends there – Doreen and Betsy – she is unable to enjoy herself. She questions her existence and the meaning of the internship and her accomplishments. This line of thinking characterizes Esther throughout the majority of the novel. She has an encounter with a man that fails, and then later goes on a date with another man who attempts to rape her. After this incident, she returns home. She discusses her boyfriend Buddy, a medical student, at great length and questions whether he is the right type of person to marry. The novel seems to characterize him as well-put-together, but perhaps not the right fit for Esther. She soon learns that she got rejected from a writing class and has to spend the summer at home. During this time her nihilistic thoughts continue and her condition drastically deteriorates. At this point, she gets electric shock therapy and it’s one of the most shocking parts of the book. Later she attempts to slit her wrists but is unsuccessful. She is similarly unsuccessful hanging herself, but eventually overdoses on pills and is set to an asylum. At the asylum, she befriends a woman named Joan, who makes sexual advances to her, and later hangs herself. They give Esther insulin and electroshock therapy at the asylum and her mood gradually improve. They begin to let her go out, and she meets the man named Irwin and loses her virginity. The experience is painful and she has to go to the emergency room. Eventually, Esther regains her health and apparently her sanity and prepares to go back to college. However, looming over her head, and the conclusion of the novel is the chance that she has another emotional breakdown. The novel concludes at this point.