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D’art McCormick Marks: 48 value: Short Cycle Process Marks Available Marks Earned No is the decision-maker in the case (you are supposed to identify with) and what position, title and responsibilities do they hold? 4 retool is the decision maker retool is a project manager/ProJect leader. retool and her team want to take Bee chapel to a new level with increasing financial side and better customer satisfaction.

Nat appears to be their issue(s) – concern(s), problem(s), challenge(s), or opportunity(s) – and its significance for the project team and Christofis Consulting? 4 Concerns : row main competitors. Uncontrolled price scheme. Some sort of partnership business Morning space Problem : New and inexperienced team members. Client complaints. Opportunity : Can be ramified into new location. There are only 7 members are working in the salon; if number of employees increased the salon will started working efficiently.

NH has their issue(s) arisen and why are they involved now? Customer tieback and complaints 2. Lacking of proper management department 3. Old style and no such upgrades. 4. Salon doesn’t provide extra services.

retool is the family friend of the sponsors. She knew them very well and also she had worked with them, She was appointed because of previous good experiences. “ hen do I have to decide, resolve, act or dispose of this issue? Is there urgency? 4 1. Revenue graph is getting down. 2.

Lagging down for good competitors. Total for Short Cycle 16 Long Cycle Process Prepare a list of stakeholders and identify their requirements.

Stakeholder Requirements Mellissa Hawk (Sponsor) Gaining Profit, Reputation Nick Hawk (Sponsor) Angela Bordello (Team leader/ProJect manager) Make a strong resolution tort Bee capable Jason sung (Team member) Practical experience Hide Philip (Team member) Rob Behooves ( Team member) Georgian Davis ( Co-worriment venture with sponsors) Expand business Customers Set a good service Ion Christofis (Founder of the consultation group) Expand reputation lemonier Christofis (Founder of consultation group) Prepare a WEBS for the project. 1 . Identify requirements 1.

Create project Charter. 1. 2 Meeting with sponsors 1. 3 Present project charter 1. 4 Approved project charter 2. Management plan 3.

Research and Analysis Prepare a Project Scope Statement tort the project. Product Scope Description iii Capable is facing capacity constraints and looking to expand . To pursues greater services They need to introduce new technology and new facilities. Christopher consulting has been asking to determine the method of success. Deliverables Acceptance Criteria Project Charter Must include budget, Schedule and scope Research and Analysis

Must come out with efficient data Project plan Proper plan to manage Budget schedule and Scope Milestones Proper and efficient scheduling Future recommendation Must be helpful for future Project exclusions ere consulting service will find solution for them but they don’t implement anything.

Project Constraints Project Assumptions 1. Not get sufficient data in research. 2. Some internal performance can create problem. Identify the basic or underlying issue(s) erne company’s business model must be scalable.

Need a business model that is replicable so that it can be duplicated.

Gaining revenue is also an issue. Identify 3 Alternative courses of action to resolve the issues. 4 Alternative A Alternative B Alternative C Focus on marketing and indirect channels to get the message out quickly. Define a business that is open-ended and continuously improving.

Or motivate employees and by training. Identify 6 Quantitative and Qualitative decision criteria you will use to assess the alternatives and assess each alternative against these criteria 4 Criteria Cash flow Quality Profit will Motivation Customer satisfaction +2