Audience analysis essays examples

Audience analysis involves gathering information about recipients of visual communication and interpreting it in order to have a valuable insight about them that help in selecting and developing relevant and message that is tailored towards the expectations of the audience.


The target audiences consist of professionals and scholars who are more interested in electronics ranging from mobile phones to laptops and are technology conscious and know how to handle these electronic gadgets. The website developers have created a profile that incorporates the needs of all its heterogeneous audience whose needs keep changing depending on the changes in technology.


The audience is well informed of the different electronic items. They have used most or some of these items and is either on the site looking for an alternative or for the same product. The site acknowledges this and has clearly defined and presented a wide range of the various products.


The audience is mostly comprised of scholars and professionals who are either in school or are at work mostly between 18-45yrs where the use of these gadgets may be required. This is clear as Tigerdirect focuses on a narrow area involving supply of electronics which shows its target audience is comprised of people with knowledge on the use of computers.


The audience is interested in our products as they provide feedback in the testimonial section that publishes the audiences’ feelings about the services. This shows they have an understanding of their interests and what they are looking for in the site. The opinions gathered helps in shaping and planning the site with the end-user in mind. There is the use of social media to reach out and understand well its audience. There are links at the bottom of the website (Tigerdirect) that lead to those sites as well as RSS feed helps the clients to follow and get updates about the products and services.


The site will be viewed by the audiences who have access to internet connectivity and a connecting device. It will be seen online.


The audience need new devices that will help them learn or work more efficiently. They need computers that will serve them well as well as have access to new technologies. The information about how these needs are met is carefully presented on the website about the products along with their features and pictures, their benefits as well as adding more on the prices as well as the shipping requirements and arrangements where required in a manner that they fill the information deficit on the audience and at the same time avoid insulting their intelligence. The customers will provide feedback and support through the provision for an account creation where clients and specific needs will be directly identified.


Specific needs that will be addressed by Tigerdirect include the offering of shipping arrangements and delivery services which ensures that they serve their clients wherever they are whether they are close to its headquarters or far. This will be handy especially in serving clients that make orders from outside the country. Feedback from RSS and clients accounts will help the company to understand and customize the specific needs that should be addressed.


Clients expect to get quality Products and services that are cost friendly. They will learn that despite the lower cost of our products, the quality and standards remain our priority. We sell products at a lower price compared to other companies offering the same products which may be interpreted by our clients to mean we sell lower quality products and we have identified this and acknowledged it (Tigerdirect) and clearly clarified it in the website that the quality is guaranteed.


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