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Lawmakers should Impose restraints on the amount of sugar each person Ingests. In the text Sugar Lobby to Aggressively Oppose World Health Organization’s Diet Report the author states “ Most people don’t calculate numbers when drinking soft drinks or eating baked foods, such as cookies and cakes, which are laden with added sugars. She also warns that many low-fat foods are also high in sugar.

This can show us that if we do not have restraints on sugar know one will pay attention to how much they consume. An average person doesn’t know how much sugar is in each food or drink they have, which makes it hard for us to cut back on are own. In the article it says “ Eating too much of these foods is storing up health problems for their future. ” This shows that lawmakers should put a restraint on sugar because kids are a part of the problem and it is progressively affecting people who eat foods that contain a lot of sugar. Sugar can affect you when you are older or right away.

This makes It hard for people to know If they are Injected with too much sugar. If lawmakers make restraints then It Is harder for people to get more then there body should get. Sugars can lead to 7 different concerning areas; cancer, cholesterol, diabetes, diet, hyper activity, obesity, and tooth decay. Therefore, since restraints. For example, if your hose has a leak you put a piece of duck tape on it and then it’s k because it has no other things wrong with it. What if you had the same hose but with 5 holes instead of one? What if you only had that one piece of duck tap to cover all 5 wholes? The answer is you couldn’t.

You could prevent one hole from leaking but not all 5. This also goes for the 7 things your body is affected by. You can try to stop one thing but you also have others that are likely to happen, if lawmakers put a restraint on the amount of sugar a person ingests then the probability of getting 1 out of the 7 is less likely. In the article Sugar found in some baby food is triple ‘ safe’ limit by Kate Manses it mentions that sugars in some baby foods are revealed amid mounting concern about links to obesity. This shows me that lawmakers should make restraints on sugar because it causing obesity to kids and is tarring early.

In the text KIDS SAYING ‘ NO’ TO SODAS: Consumption of sugary beverages falls among children 11 and under it talks about it finding evidence that education campaigns and soda bans in public schools have had an impact. This shows lawmakers should put restraints because people who have tried to ban sugar have an impact with the little power they have. Since lawmakers have more power they could make a bigger impact. Lawmakers should impose restraints on the amount of sugar each person ingests.